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Team Friendly at Merrist Wood - Good Friday 19th April

Sophie Roberts and Katherine Blower’s Rome Du Joli were our first pair in the Team Friendly at Merrist Wood on Good Friday 19th April. They produced a really harmonious test with no mistakes and Rome looked veryrelaxed throughout. They received a score of 68%+.

Next to go were Katherine Blowers on her own Trademark. Another consistent and rhythmical test scoring a fabulous 70%+ and into 1st place with Sophie 2nd at that time. Things are going well!
Aimee Stanton on a gleaming Hunter’s Firefly went next. What can I say? They produced an active, forward and accomplished test with one small jog in the free walk to receive an amazing 71%+ score and into the lead. Can it get any better?!

Julie Vastenhout and Without Bounds came in next. Oz just got on with the job and scored the same as Aimee but with slightly higher collectives won her class with Aimee second. This is unbelievable! Charlotte Moulden and Digby were fantastic. What a little star Digby is, they produced a faultless test with a score of 70%+ and won her class. We’re on a roll!

Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit (another spotless white horse) came in and produced a mistake free test to earn nearly 67%. Helen Storr and Celtic Moy Melody (another beautifully white horse) were next and I thought they did a really nice test but didn’t get the best score which was such a shame. Emma Thompson came in next with Ready Eddie. They produced a harmonious and calm performance which gave them 68%+ score to come second. Next in the arena were Olivia Randell and Atlantic Lad (another sparkling grey). Their 68%+ score and third place were well deserved with a beautifully ridden test. Jenny Moxham and Harry Hotspot looked amazing but one expensive mistake left them on a score of 65%. Felicity Govas and Hafrena Sam were next up and produced a clean and active test to earn 65% Lorraine Holloway and Chinnor Hamlet were our last combination to go. They looked fantastic and received a score of 67%+.

What a brilliant result. We would like to thank all our members for competing for us and we really appreciate all your hard work and commitment.

Team placing:
1st place: Team Prosecco – Aimee, Danielle and Olivia
3rd place: Team Pinot Gricio – Julie, Charlotte and Felicity
=4th place: Team Merlot – Sophie, Emma and Lorraine

Individual placing:
1st place - Charlotte
1st place - Julie
2nd Place - Aimee
2nd place – Emma

National Winter Intermediate Dressage Qualifier at Sands Farm EC - 23rd March

We had a very early start to the National Winter Intermediate Dressage Qualifier at Sands Farm EC on 23rd March. Luckily it was a pleasant dry day and not too cold.

Kay Mahoney and Rohyrne started us off in Preliminary 13. She was a little tight for time in the warm up but managed a decent test and we were very pleased with Rohyrne.

Aimee Stanton and Hunters Firefly were next Aimee rode brilliantly with Calibre really listening to her to manage a 68%+ score to come an amazing 3rd.

Novice 28 was the next test and Julie Vastenhout and Without Bounds were our first pair to go. The strategy of keeping Oz out all night paid off with a good score of 67%+ to come 6th.

Next to go was Helen Storr and Celtic Moy Melody. Finn was so relaxed and obedient they produced a very fluent and confident test which was lovely to watch.

Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit were our third combination in this class. Paddy was a super star, he had never been to Sands Farm before but went in there as if he had been there every day of his life. Helen and Danielle both came away with a decent score of 64%+

The next test was Novice 34 with Emma Wickerson and Mini Cruise, it was the first time at this level and produced a forward and smooth test. They will definitely be doing Novice again. Jenny Moxham and the gorgeous Harry Hotspot were next and it was so nice to see them out competing again and deliver an established, mistake free, and active test.
Olivia Randell and Atlantic Lad went next as an individual. They smashed it with a win and a qualification to the Championships at Bury Farm.

Elementary 42 was the final team test and Liv and Alfie went in again, this time for the team. Another good score put them into 3rd place.

Lorraine Holloway and Chinnor Hamlet were our last combination to compete in the team competition, they looked amazing and produced a consistent, confident and mistake free test.
Our teams were 6th and 10th.

The individual Medium 71 was the final test with Sue Davis and Salviano and Sue Brougham and Narramore Musicman. Sue and Savvy completed a nice test with a small blip in the middle when Savvy got a bit excited about a canter transition! Sue and William did a fantastic test and qualified for the Championships with a win.

We would like to thank all our team members for being so easy to work with. You and your horses always look so smart and well and you all just get on with it without any fuss or bother. Looking forward to the Team Friendly at Merrist Wood on Good Friday, we will be sending an email out to you shortly.


Team Friendly - 9th March 2019

We had a lovely day at Priory EC today. We had two teams of three competing in the first of two team friendly competitions.

I met Sue Bowen and her lovely horse Wiggy for the first time courtesy of Jo Marsh. Wiggly started us off with a calm and confident test. Ellen Agar and the gorgeous Frank went next and produced a lovely test but with one expensive mistake. Georgina Howse and the beautiful Goodness Gracious Me were our third partnership and produced a very nice test but again had one expensive error. Julie Vastenhout and Without Bounds was a little wild in the warm up but managed to contain himself in the arena to come up with the goods.
Patrick Murphy and Bertie were the first of our members to compete outside on a very windy day and produced a very established test.

Claire Greenwood and Thomas were our last pair to perform. Tom was such a star and just got on with the job as if he’s been doing it all his life.

The final result is that Patrick came 6th over-all, Team Prosecco missed coming 6th by one point to come 7th and Team Merlot came 8th.

I would like to thank all our wonderful members for making my job so easy.

See you at the next one