Elstead National Show Jumping Qualifier - 26th June 2022

We had a mixed day today at Elstead National Show Jumping Qualifier. We had a few problems leading up to today as people were dropping out due to illness or horse problems but Newlands Corner members being Newlands Corner members stepped up and filled the places.

Jo Marsh and Ranmer Achilles were first to go as an individual in the 80cm class. Unfortunately, Kills took a dislike to a certain filler and had two stops at that and then one more later, so ending their challenge.

The 90cm team consisted of Jo Marsh and Achilles who kindly stepped in for Hilary Smith and Billie, Meg Jeffs and Limited Edition, Zoe Blauuw and Harry’s Boy and Louise Stewart-Muir and Star Dazzler. Kills got over his filler phobia and did an amazing round with an unfortunate run out at the second part of a double. Limited Edition had a couple of poles down at the start of the round which is very uncharacteristic of him but finished the round strongly and went clear in the second round. Zoe had car problems which meant she didn’t make it in time and poor Louise was ready to leave the yard but felt too ill so had to withdraw.

So now it was down to our two 100cm competitors, Meg Jeffs, this time on Comme Ci Come Ca and Zoe who stepped in for Louise. Well, it got really exciting – they both produced lovely clear rounds in the first round then Peanut had a very unexpected stop at a fence in the second round which left the door open for Meg. Senna didn’t put a foot wrong with a fantastic clear round and qualified which means amazingly, that he and Meg have qualified for two years in a row.

Thank you as always to our lovely members for competing for us and never losing your sense of humour.
Horse Trials Qualifier - 4th June 2022 - Coomblands

We sent an 80cm team, a 90cm team and two 100cm individuals to Coomblands Horse Trials qualifier on 4th June.

The 80cm team consisted of: Ian Carey and Sad but True, Kim Carey and Castleroche Red Fox, Sue Brougham and Lisboy Angelina and Sheri Johnson and Dumkeeren Jet. The warm up for the dressage was quite small and crowded and all the arenas were on a slope which was quite slippery in the morning, the show jumping course was nice and flowing although there weren’t many clear rounds and the cross country was quite intense with quite a few questions,

The team coped very well with all the challenges but unfortunately weren’t in the placings but Sue and Sheri were 3rd and 6th respectively.

The 90cm team consisted of: Louise Stewart-Muir and Star Dazzler who came individually 4th, Alice Hillary and Chippendale lll who came individually 3rd, Patrick Murphy and Bartley Bay and Hillary Smith and Billy. What a team – they won and qualified for the Championship at Swalcliffe on 5 – 7 August.

Amazing results and as usual, everyone had a great attitude and were fun to be around.
Again, a massive thankyou to Lesley and Danielle who helped all morning (Danielle must have walked miles collecting the dressage sheets from all four arenas for about four hours).

Swalcliffe, here we come!!
Combined Championship - 22nd May 2022 - Aston le Walls

We had two combinations qualify for the Combined Training Championship at Aston. Unfortunately, Shelby Weeden and Alfonzo had to withdraw due to Alfie developing and abscess. Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit were our second combination competing in the Novice dressage and 85cm jumping section. They were amazing and won their arena with a lovely dressage test and a clear round showjumping so walked away with a lovely rosette and a sash – well done Danielle!

In the Combined Challenge we had a team in the 70cm and an individual in the 80cm. Our team consisted of: Clara Wooller and Strawberry, Kim Carey and Castleroche Red Fox, Ian Carey and Sad but True, and Jackie Selway and Sarah Goody’s Diamond Clover Echo. In the 80cm we had Sue Brougham and Lisboy Angelina. I think it’s fair to say that none of us performed brilliantly over a tricky course and unfortunately, we weren’t in the rosettes this time.

We all had a brilliant weekend and thank you all for representing our club and putting so much effort into it and a massive thank you to Danielle and Lesley who were our helpers on Sunday with a very early start.

Intermediate Championship - Friday 22nd April 2022 - Bury Farm

We had a very long day at Bury Farm on 22nd April for the Intermediate Championships. Our 100cm show jumping team started quite early. The second round was indoors and looked massive, it looked so big that I had to ask if it was the 100cm or the110cm!
Our team consisted of Emma Thompson and Ready Eddie Go, Louise Stewart-Muir and Star Dazzler, Meg Jeffs and Comme Ci Comme Ca and Orla Stone and Mabel.

After the first round we were on four faults – fantastic – I didn’t see the outdoor course but the indoor one was incredibly difficult, it was causing so many problems that hardly anyone got through to the jump off stage. I was starting to get a little worried but no need, three of our girls made it round in style but with a few faults here and there. Orla and Mabel were amazing and produced a brilliant double clear and then clear in the jump off round to come 8th.

We had three riders in the dressage competition, Emma and Eddie were in the Elementary class and were fantastic to come 9th. Nichol Williams with Hippolytus van T&L and Sue Brougham with Amazing were in the Advanced Medium class. Both produced lovely tests and Sue was rewarded with 4th place and Nichol 6th place.

To get one place at a National Championship is great but to get four is amazing so thank you everyone for being brilliant and let’s hope we can repeat it next year.
Team Dressage Friendly - 15th April 2022 - Merrist Wood

We sent two teams to Merrist Wood on Good Friday for the second of the two team friendlies.

Our Bacardi team consisted of: Zoe Blauuw and Harrry’s Boy who came seventeenth, Chloe Lovatt and Black Jack who came fourth and Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit who came equal second. Unfortunately, that team was just out of the placings.

Our Coke team consisted of: Wendy Caller and Edmar Derwyn who came sixteenth, Fiona Foster and Isadora Bulrush who cane third and Sophie Thompson and Twiglet who came equal second. The team came equal third.

We had some high scores with Fiona achieving 69.04% and Sophie and Danielle both receiving 71.96% and after the two competitions we came a very close third.

Thank you to everyone who took part and hopefully we will see you all at the next one.
Combined Challenge - 10th April 2022 - Munstead

We sent three teams to Munstead Combined Challenge on 10th April. The 70cm team had an early start but luckily the weather was fantastic, cold but sunny. Our team consisted of Clara Wooller and the gorgeous Strawberry who were our pathfinder. They gave us a fantastic double clear and came individually 4th. Next to go were Kim Carey and Castleroche Red Fox who had a stop and a pole in the show jumping but flew around the cross country. Next was Ian Carey and Sad but True who had a couple of poles but again, flew around the cross country, last to go was Jackie Selway on Sarah Goody’s Diamond Clover Echo – they managed a double clear and came individually 5th. Even though everyone had a few times faults for going too slow, the team won and qualified for the Championships.

We had two teams for the 80cm class, the first consisted of Wendy Caller and Edmar Derwyn, unfortunately Wendy had an injury which meant when she jumped she was in a lot of pain so couldn’t take part, we hope she feels better soon and has some rest. Aimee Stanton and Hunter’s Firefly went first and had an unlucky stop and pole down but sped around the cross country with a few time faults for going too fast. Next was Sue Brougham and Lisboy Angelina, they were fantastic with a double clear just inside the time so a couple of time faults for going too fast but came 3rd in a big class. Last to go in this team was Meg Jeffs and Limited Edition, again a double clear but too fast cross country, the team came 6th.

Our last team consisted of Jackie Selway and Nichol and Scott William’s Hippolytus van T&L; they manage a double clear but Jackie doesn’t do speed so accumulated a few time faults cross country for being too slow. Next was Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit who also gave us a double clear but time faults for going too fast cross country. Last in this team was Meg Jeffs on Jo Marsh’s Ranmere Achilles, another fantastic double clear but with time faults for going too fast and the team came 5th.

Our last member to compete was Zoe Blauuw and Harry’s Boy as an individual in the 100cm class. They had an unlucky pole in the show jumping and bombed around the cross country, unfortunately they had a slight directional problem at the end but came 2nd in the class.

All the team members and committee would like to thank Fiona Foster, Louise Stewart-Muir and Sheri Johnson for being our volunteer helpers for the day. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to compete.

It was a long day but worth every minute to see how happy all the horses were and as usual everyone was so supportive and lovely to have around.

Well done to you all and thank you for riding for us.
Combined Training - 3rd April 2022 - Felbridge Showground

We sent two teams and an individual to Felbridge to contest the Combined Training on 3rd April. Each member of the team rode either Preliminary 7, Preliminary 14, Novice 24 or Novice 30 followed by either 75cm jumping for the Preliminary tests or 85cm jumping for the Novice tests and our individual rode Preliminary 12 followed by 85cm jumping. Following so far?......

Our Pearls team consisted of: Briony Simpson and Anne Limbach’s Galway Paddy produced a lovely dressage test but unfortunately had a couple of poles in the jumping but still managed 8th place. Tina Delicata and Bean an IT did a consistent test and a fabulous clear round to come 7th. Jo Marsh and Ranmere Achilles again gave us a lovely consistent test and another brilliant clear round to come 3rd and Jackie Selway and Nichol William’s Hippolytus van T&L produced a lovely test but had a show jump down and a time fault but came 2nd and qualified for the Championships. The team came 4th.

Our Diamonds team consisted of Emma Wickerson and Lesley Wickerson’s Bee Bop who coped very well in the dressage and had a very unlucky pole and came 6th. Shelby Weeden and Alfonzo produced a lovely test and a clear round to come 3rd, Sheri Johnson and Dumkeeren Jet gave us a very consistent test and another lovely clear round to come 5th and Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit produced a lovely test and a brilliant clear round to come 3rd. The team came 3rd.

Shelby Weeden and Alfonzo also competed as an individual and won and qualified for the Championships.

We had a lovey day with lots of rosettes and once again, a massive thank you to all our members for representing us in such style and good humour.
Intermediate Dressage Team Qualifier - 19th March 2022 - Sands Farm

We sent three teams and three individuals to Sands Farm on 19th March for the Intermediate dressage team qualifier.

The Right Diagonals consisted of Anna Mitchell and Bertie Bott, Briony Simpson and Anne Limbach’s Galway Paddy, Sheri Johnson and Drumkeeran Jet and Jenny Moxham and Harry Hotspot. All four produced very consistent tests but unfortunately were not in the placings this time.

The Par de Four team consisted of Louise Stewart-Muir and Star Dazzler, Kim Carey and Castle Rough Red Fox, Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit and Emma Thompson and Ready Eddie Go who stepped in at the last minute as poor Frenchie wasn’t feeling well. Emma came an amazing second and Danielle and Kim both came fifth so the team managed a brilliant fifth place.

The Enter at A team consisted of Charlotte Moulden and Digby who very kindly stood in at the last moment as poor Wendy Caller had Covid, Ian Carey and Sad but True, Fiona Foster and Isadora Bulrush and Inga Diggens and Camero ll. Although Charlotte came fourth, Ian came fifth, Fiona came seventh and Inga came eighth they weren’t in the placings.

We had two riders in the elementary riding as individuals; Lorraine Holloway and Knockahunna Alfie who showed some prominsing work but not placed today and Danielle and Shere Spirit who would have won the class had their reader read the test correctly, ended up coming =third.

Our Medium / Advanced Medium girls did very well. Inga and Camero ll came fourth in the Medium, Nichol Williams and Hippolytus van T & L came second in the Advanced Medium and Sue Brougham and Amazing, who were amazing, won and qualified for the Championship.

Well done everyone especially Sue and Amazing, thank you all so much for competing for us and as always being great fun and easy to be around.
Intermediate Show Jumping Qualifier - 27th February 2022 - Berkshire agricultural College

What an amazing day we had at Berkshire college today with two 90cm teams and one 100 team.

The first 90 team to go consisted of Nichol Dew’s Hippolytus van T and L and I and we are very happy because we came 5th even with an unlucky pole in the second round. Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit (who posted the fourth fastest second round), Meg Bird and Stapster Brook and Meg Jeffs and Limited Edition completed the line-up and brought the team to a very respectable fifth place.

The second 90 team consisted of Zoe Blauuw and Harry’s Boy who only went and won with a fast double clear to qualify for the Championships, Jo Marsh and Ranmere Achilles, Louise Stewart- Muir and Star Dazzler and Sheri Johnson and Dumkeeran Jet who were all clear in the first round came an amazing team third.

What can I say about our 100 team? Emma Thompson and Ready Eddie Go – double clear and First place, Orla Stone and Mabel – double clear and second place, Meg Jeffs and Comme Ci Comme Ca - 4 faults (due to bouncing up and down on the spot for a few strides) and third place and Louise Stewart- Muir – 4 faults in the second round and fifth place with an overall team win and qualification to the Championships.

Thank you all so much for representing us, doing such a great job and being so easy to be around. Can’t wait for the next one xx
Novice Show Jumping Qualifier - 6th February 2022- Sands Farm

We had two teams contesting the 80cm class and one team in the 70cm class today at Sands Farm Equestrian Centre.

Our first team in the 80 – The Flying Warriors consisted of Anna Mitchell and Bertie Bott, Wendy Caller and Smash, Aimee Stanton and Calibre and Meg Jeffs and Atlas. After the first round they were on eight faults. The Flying Ninjas consisted of Jo Marsh and Achilles, Sheri Johnson and Jet, Lesley Wickerson and Bee Bop and Danielle Bruton and Paddy. After the first round they were on zero faults.

The second round was quite tricky, with a lot of twists and turns and a particularly difficult turn to a sizable spread and we ended up with The Flying Ninjas coming 3rd and The Flying Warriors coming 4th with Meg posting the fastest time of the competition.

Our 70 team, The Flying Fillies consisted of Emma Wickerson on Bee Bop, Vicci Hogben on Ted, Briony Simpson on Paddy and Anna Mitchell on Bertie Bott.

There was nothing between the teams after the first round with all of them on zero faults. We ended up in fourth place, the three teams who beat us were on zero faults and we were on four faults, so the whole competition was incredibly close.

As always, a huge thank you to our lovely members who are a joy to be with and make it a fun day out or everyone. Looking forward to the next one at Berkshire College on 27th February
Dressage Team Friendly, 9th January 2022, Priory Equestrian Centre

What a brilliant day we had today. We only fielded one team but what a team!!

Zoe Blaauw and Peanut started us off with a lovely calm and obedient test earning a score of 62+%.

Then Emma Thompson and Eddie gave us a whopping 74.63% to come =1st, amazing. It was down to Fiona Foster and Dora to come up with the goods in the Novice. Another fantastic result, 68.92% and a win!!

The team came =2nd which gives us a great start to the friendly series, we now must try to do at least as well in the second one at Merrist Wood at Easter.

I would just like to mention one of our other members who was competing in a Preliminary test today, Wendy Caller and Smash who came second with a staggering 76+%, our dressage teams this year are looking good.
Novice Dressage Qualifier, Sands Farm - 4th December 2021

Firstly, I would like to thank all our team members for turning up on a cold wintery day to Sands Farm Equestrian Centre on Saturday. As always, you make our life so much easier by just getting on with it and doing a great job.

We had a few changes from the original teams due to horses being horses and we were a combination down in one of the teams.

Our first team - Team Gin – consisted of Maggie Scott and Rosa who very kindly stepped in at the last minute and did an incredible job coming 5th, Charlotte Moulden and Digby who smashed it and won their class and Patrick Murphy and Bart who didn’t buckle under pressure and came 4th resulting in a fantastic 4th place for the team. A brilliant result, especially as there were only three in their team.

Team Tonic consisted of: Charlotte Moulden again, this time on Candace Brooke’s William who came 4th, Emma Thompson and her mum’s Freddie who came 3rd, Jenny Moxham and Harry Hotspot who came 6th and Fiona Foster and Dora who came 5th. Another great result with the team coming 5th.

Thank you everyone once again and keep practising for the next on in March.
London and South East Riding Club Championship, Rackham, Pulborough - 10th October 2021

The day started with the showjumping team competition. Our team consisted of Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit, Meg Jeffs and Limited Edition, Ellie Shemilt and Ranger and Zoe Blauuw and Harry’s Boy. It was a close competition and we ended up in 4th place which is an amazing result. Unfortunately, we missed the mounted prize giving due to a small celebration in the lorry park!

Next was the pure dressage competition. We had a team consisting of Caroline Brougham and Desi Deru who came 6th in their arena, Charlotte Moulden and Digby who came 2nd in their arena, Sheri Johnson and Drumkeeran Jet and Fiona Foster and Isadora Bullrush. Another brilliant result with the team coming 6th overall.

Finally, it was the Combined Training team’s turn. It consisted of Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit who won their arena, Jo Marsh and Ranmer Achilles who came 3rd in their arena, Clara Wooller and Strawberry who came 5th in their arena and Sheri Johnson and Drumkeeran Jet. Yet again, a brilliant team result coming 3rd. We were ready for the mounted prize giving this time but they didn’t have one!

Another brilliant day with everyone contributing to the great result in all three disciplines. As always, we had great fun, good company and a successful result.
Dressage to Music Championship, Bury Farm - 2 October

Congratulations to Sue Brougham and Kittle Eclipse who came third in the Advanced Medium section at the Dressage to Music Championships at Bury Farm on Friday.

Congratulations also to Caroline Brougham and Desi Deru who came 18th in the elementary, Caroline and Desi are also competing tomorrow in the Novice class so we wish you lots of luck and some good weather.

Anthea Dickson and Oscar Wild should have been competing there this weekend but due to an admin error they couldn't go but hopefully next year they will be there xx
Arena Eventing, Wellington Equestrian Centre - 2 October

First of all I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Alison Green for being our helper today. We both had to sit in that awful stormy weather for three and a half hours pole picking and even though we were both wearing layers and layers of waterproof clothing we were completely soaked through to the skin. We need to only compete in the summer!!

Congratulations to all our girls, Zoe Blaauw and Harry's Boy did an amazing round in the 100 but unfortunately has the joker down which was expensive.

Our 80 team; Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit did a fantastic clear round to finish 2nd and qualify for the Championships at Aston le Walls, Meg Jeffs and the ever improving Limited Edition also went clear but too fast to come 4th and Shelby Weeden and Alfonso unfortunately were eliminated and as we only had three in the team and no drop score, the team was eliminated.

The 70 team; Sheri Johnson and Jet gave us a brilliant clear round and came 5th, Clara Wooller and Strawberry had two unlucky stops and Jo Marsh's Ranmer Achilles didn't really want to play in the rain (and I don't blame him) so was eliminated. Again with only three in the team, the team was eliminated.

Thank you everyone for turning up and as usual being great to be around even when things don't go quite our way and the weather was revolting.
London and South East Qualifier, Bookham - 31 July 2021

Congratulations to our teams who competed in the London and South East qualifier at Bookham on 31st July. Our combined training team was:
Jo Marsh riding Ranmere Archilles
Danielle Bruton riding Shere Spirit
Clara Wooller riding Strawberry 
Sher Johnson riding Jet

This team went very well and came 5th and Danielle came 3rd individually and they have all qualified for the Championhips. 

Our show jumping team had the worst of the weather in the afternoon and had to ride in heavy rain and thunder.  Our show jumping team was:
Lesley Wickerson riding Be Bop
Danielle Bruton riding Shere Spirit
Ellie Shemilt riding Ranger 
Meg Jeffs riding Atlas

This team came 4th and also qualified for the Championhips at Rackham on 10th October.

Well done everyone and good luck at Rackham.
National and London and South East dressage qualifier, Pachesham Equestrian Centre - 10 July 2021

We sent two teams and one individual to the National and London and South East dressage qualifier at Pachesham on 10th July. Everyone did lovely obedient consistent rounds and we had some individual placings but no team placings this time.

Sheri Johnson Prelim 2
Caroline Brougham Prelim 14 Individual 6th National
Charlotte Moulden Prelim 12 Individual 3rd in the L and SE and Individual 4th in the National

Erin Lewis Prelim 12
Fiona Foster Prelim 18 Individual 6th L and SE
Sue Bowen Prelim 2
Ellie Shemilt Prelim 14
Danielle Bruton Novice 39 Individual 5th.

Thank you all for representing Newlands Corner and being such good team members
Dressage to Music qualifier, Belmoredean Equestrian Centre - 4 July 2021

We had a successful day today at the Dressage to Music qualifier at Belmoredean Equestrian Centre.

Anthea Dickson and Oscar were our first combination to compete. They were in the Preliminary class and produced a very rhythmical and consistent test to earn over 65% and qualify for the London and South East and the National Championships.

Caroline Brougham was next to go on Desi Daru, they were competing in both the Novice and Elementary classes. In the Novice they produced a fantastic test and scored a massive 71.944% qualifying for both the London and South East and National Championships. Then in the Elementary they managed another brilliant score, 69.808% to qualify for both the Championships.

The final combination to ride for us was Sue Brougham and Kittle Eclipse. The pressure was on, everyone else had qualified.

No need to worry, they were brilliant and qualified for both Championships on a score of over 67%.

What a result, four out of four qualifying for both London and South East and National Championships which are both in October, L&SE is at Sands Farm and The Nationals are at Bury Farm for anyone who wants to go and support our girls (COVID-19 permitting).

Bring on the next one xx
Horse Trials, Iping - 6 June 2021

Congratulations to our members who represented us at Iping horse trials on 6th June. Sue Brougham was our individual in the 80cms class and having jumped a double clear came 2nd. Our 100cms team Patrick Murphy, Zoe Blauuw, Louise Stewart Muir and Hilary Smith all rode determined show jumping and cross country rounds and all got around safely and won the class to qualify for the Championships at Swalcliffe.

Well done everyone, what a great result
Arena Eventing Championship, Aston Le Wall - 23 May 2021

Well done to Megg Jeff's and Zoe Blaauw who made up our area 11 team with Charlotte White from Abinger Forest who went to the arena eventing Championship at Aston Le Wall on 23rd May. The weather conditions were horrible with high winds and rain. Charlotte jumped a lovely round but just had the joker fence down , Zoe had a sat nav problem in the show jumping phase for 20 penalties and also had the joker down. Meg jumped an a confident and fluent round but had a problem with the water when leaving the arena which had waves on it from the wind and was unfortunately eliminated.

Thank you all for driving all that way on such a horrible day and giving it your best shot.

Congratulations to Charotte who was also representing Abinger Forest as an individual riding Sienna for winning the 100cms class
Let's hope that the next team competition has better weather
Arena Eventing Qualifier, Coombelands 11 April 2021

We had a lovely day at the arena eventing qualifier at Coombelands on 11th April.

The weather was kind to us and the show was well organised (thank you West Surrey). We had four teams going, one team for every height. In the 70cms class we had Sarah Goody riding Diamond Clover Hill, Lesley Wickerson riding Be Bop, Jo Marsh riding Ranmere Archilles and Jackie Selway riding Hippolytus Van TL. This team came 5th with Jackie winning the class and qualifying as an individual for the Championships.

Our next team competed in the 80cms, Kerry Dawes riding CoumroeThunder Meg Jeff's ridiing Atlas, Danielle Bruton riding Shere Spirit and Sue Brougham riding Desi Deru. This team came 3rd and Kerry Dawes won the class and qualified as an individual for the Championships.

The 90cms team was Louise Stewart Muir riding Star Dazzeler, Patrick Murphy riding Bartley Bay and Hilary Smith riding Billy. Unfortunately this team didn't get placed but they all jumped lovely rounds.

Our final team at the end of the day was the100cm team and this was Emma Wickerson riding Burrins Panach, Meg Jeff's riding Senna and Zoe Blaauw riding Harry's Boy and they WON with Meg coming third individually. So we have a team and two individuals qualified for the Championships at Aston le Wall in May.

Well done everyone and thank you all for representing us so well in all these team events. The committee would also like to thank our two helpers ( who without them we cannot go to these qualifiers) Inga Diggens and Jan Millson who both manned the two car parks from 8.00am until 12.30pm Thank you very much for giving up your time for us.

We look forward to the next team event as things hopefully get back to normal.
Virtual Dressage Qualifier, Online 14 March 2021

Congratulations to all our members that competed in the virtual dressage qualifier. What a brilliant result.

We won the Novice and Intermediate team qualifiers plus winning a lot of individual placings as well.

So we all now have to get ready for the Championships Good luck everyone, keep doing what you are doing, you are all great.