Rules and Regulations of Newlines Corner Events

  1. All events will be run in accordance with the current British Horse Society Riding Clubs Rule Book.
  2. A copy of the rulebook will be available at the show secretary’s office on the day of each show.
  3. All competitors suffering an injury or fall must report to the first aid station and also present themselves to the secretary to sign the accident book.
  4. The Club’s health and safety policy will be on display at all shows.
  5. The decision of the judge is final.
  6. Objections must be made in writing to the show secretary within 30 minutes of the incident, accompanied by a deposit of £20 that will be returned if the objection is upheld.
  7. Neither the organisers nor the owners of the venue accept liability for any claims in respect of injury or damage to any person, animal or property however caused.
  8. The organisers reserve the right to change judges or appoint substitutes and to amend the schedule as necessary.
  9. The organisers reserve the right to reject or to cancel any entry made by any person or cancel any class.
  10. A signed entry form must accompany all entry fees. No fees will be refunded without a veterinary surgeon’s or doctor’s certificate.
  11. Horses are easily frightened and can be dangerous. Members of the public are requested to keep clear of horse areas/lanes and avoid behaviour that might alarm horses. Dogs must be on a lead at all times.
  12. Hats must be worn at all times when mounted with a harness properly adjusted and fastened. Hats must be the minimum – EN1384, PAS015:1998, ASTMF1163, BSEN14572:2005 or SEI. American standard SNELLE2001, ASTM95, SNZ38381998. Gloves must be worn in dressage tests. Back protectors are not usual in dressage tests but must be worn at hunter trials and cross-country events. Medical armbands must be worn at cross country events and hunter trials.
  13. At cross country events and hunter trials the competitor must retire following a fall of horse OR rider on the cross-country or show jumping courses.
  14. Misuse of spurs or whips will incur elimination. On blatant use of bad language or aggressive behaviour a competitor or spectator will be asked to leave the show.
  15. All competitors must act in a safe and responsible manner at all times.
  16. There is no vet onsite during the show
  17. In the event of the show being cancelled, entry fees will be returned less a small administrative charge.
RoR Rules


Eligibility: For horses with an RoR number only – Registration is FREE and can be completed at – registration number is required with entry. Please remember that unraced and foreign raced horses are eligible to receive an RoR number.
An RoR RC Challenge Rosette will be awarded to the horse and rider (member or non-member of the club) combination scoring the most points on the day – points are awarded for class placing and participation.

An RoR trophy will be awarded at the end of 2015 to the Riding Club member with an ex racehorse (RoR Registered) accruing the most points at a Riding Club Shows/Events in 2015.

1. To be eligible your horse must have an RoR number. This number must be placed on your entry form
2. Each Class entered will earn 1 point.
3. Placings in the class will earn points as follows – 1st = 7 points scaling down to 7th= 1 point
4. The winner of the RoR RCC Challenge Rosette will be the horse and rider accruing the most points on the show day; we will endeavour to announce the results on the day of the show; if the show is exceptionally busy then the result will be announced asap and the rosette will be posted to the winner if necessary
5. Points will only be awarded if you are RoR registered on the day of the show, and points cannot be awarded retrospectively.
6. In the event of all eligible competitors being unplaced in a class then the points will be awarded as follows
Show Jumping – least faults in the quickest time will gain 7pts, the other points being awarded in a similar fashion.
Dressage – the highest % will be given 7pts, the other points being awarded in a similar fashion. Collective marks will be used if required to arrange placings
Arena Eventing – 7 points will be awarded to the least faults with a time closest to the optimum time. Other points being awarded in a similar fashion
Showing – all unplaced will be awarded just the 1 point for participation.