2016 Horse Trials and FotH Challenge and Combined Training Teams Revue

The Qualifiers for all these competitions took place in May, the FotH Challenge and Combined Training were at Munstead. We were represented by Alison Warne, Sue Brougham, Georgina Howse and Kim Carey as a team, they all performed well in both the Dressage and Showjumping and were placed 4th. Bonita Kerr competed as an indivdual but unfortunately had a fall in the showjumping so was eliminated.

Cally Ingram was our only representative in the Challenge contesting the 90cm class she and Otter went very well to be placed 2nd but sadly did not qualify for the Championships.

The Horse Trials Qualifiers took place at Coombelands, due to lameness we had 2 teams of 3. Contesting the 80cm section were Alison Warne, Amy Obiajulu and Amy Temple. They were placed 2nd and qualified for the L&SE Championships. Alison Warne and Ruby went very well and just missed out on qualifying for the Nationals.

Sadly our luck ran out on Rackham`s cross country course at the L&SE Championships. Our team of Alison Warne, Lisa Smith and Alison Green were in the lead after the Dressage and Showjumping. However Alison Warne and Ruby flew round and won their arena.

At Coombelands in the 90cm class our team was Lisa Smith, Alison Green and Allison Rowles a combination of some novice horses and some novice riders, they were not placed but learnt a lot and hopefully will be back another day.

11/12/16 - Winter National Intermediate SJ qualifier at Parwood

We headed off to Parwood on Sunday 11th December for the Winter National Intermediate SJ qualifier with one team and many supporters.

Jackie Selway was on first with Nichol Dew’s Hippo, this was a great coup for me as a Team manager and I had bribed her quite a lot… after several acrobatic moves and dives Jackie somehow managed to steer the scopey but opioniated Hippo around clear.
Cally Ingram was in next with Otter, they had a lovely round but had an unfortunate rub for 4 faults.
Next up was Lisa Smith and the beautiful Twiglet, surprisingly they had 8 faults when Twiglet flattened over 2 jumps but had a clean round otherwise.
Last to go in the first round was Georgina Howse and Lia and there was a little pressure as we did really need a clear round to keep amongst it. George and Lia delivered perfectly with a very rhythmical round.

After the first round, we were in joint first place out of the teams with 4 faults, so it was all to play for.

Second rounds started very quickly as the light was fading fast!
Jackie in first again and this time she managed to coax a now tired Hippo around the course to go clear again!
Cally went in and really got after Otter this time, but still hit one fence for 4 faults which was a real shame.
Lisa was up next, unfortunately the course caught Twiglet out and they had another 8 faults.
Georgina went in when the light really was challenging and they ended up with 12 faults.

It wasn’t to be for the team but they still came 2nd overall. However, we did manage to come 5th individually with Jackie Selway and 6th with Cally Ingram.

Well done all and thank you to the team and supporters for all your help and encouragement.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and fingers crossed for a successful 2017

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26/11/16 - Dressage Friendly at Priory

It was a chilly but mercifully dry day for the Team Friendly at The Priory. Well done to all our ladies - they all looked fantastic and rode brilliantly. Thanks, especially, to Sue Brougham for stepping in when one of the team's lorry had a flat tyre; and stepping up to Novice 30 on her new horse, LIsboy Angelina, who had never done a novice test before! They were 3rd in their prelim test with a great score of 69.48% - already a great partnership!

We had lots more fabulous results that day - Georgina Howse with Aselia won in her arena with an amazing 70.19% and Lorraine Terry riding Memphis 66 (Elvis) was 2nd with a fantastic score of 70.77% (possibly a personal best for Lorraine and Elvis!). Wendy Caller with Smash were 3rd, scoring 67.96%. Lisa Smith with Twilight Samba (66.67%) and Lorraine Holloway (67.5%) with Chinnor Hamlet were both 6th in their respective classes. Alison Warne and Ruby were 8th with a score of 65.68%. Julia Vastenhout riding Brisa (who apparently hates dressage!) scored a very respectable 65.17%.

We are thrilled to report that the Merlot team (Lorraine Terry, Georgina Howse and Sue Brougham) WON this team friendly and the Pinot Grigio team (Lorraine Holloway, Wendy Caller and Julie Vastenhout) were 6th.

Congratulations to all members of the teams. We are so proud of you all!

6/11/16 - BRC Friendly at Elstead

A great day out showjumping at the BRC friendly at Elstead today with Kim Carey, Lisa Smith, Matt Warne, Wendy Caller, Kay Mahoney Cally and their superb horses! OMG! We had two teams (yes, two!) and both finished in the top six!

First to go were Wendy and Smash and they were absolutely brilliant. Two tiny, unfortunate rubs but the best I've ever seen them go! Next up were Kay and Ro and they were the most determined combination of the day! Kay has to be the top, top teamie of the week. Not only did she have a horrible sick bug, she'd been in Florida for two weeks before that so Ro hadn't even been ridden either. She tried to say she couldn't face coming today but I MADE her and felt awful! You were both wonderful and I'm forever grateful to you my friend!! Next up were Lisa and Twiglet and, well, they were simply awesome and produced a brilliant clear round. There followed the second brilliant clear round of the day with Kim and Connor. Quite inspirational given she's ridden him for 30 minutes (yesterday) since May!

We had both our 85 combinations through to the jump off and both produced two further, superb clear rounds!! Lisa and Kim were 2nd and 5th respectively in a huge class individually! We were now all so cold we we're hoping Cally and Woodlands Pulsing and Matt and Woody would boost our adrenaline and make us warm again....! And they did!! There were very few clear rounds in the 95, and both our teamies had the tiniest of rubs! Nevertheless, we were proud as punch of our lot and I'm certain four of the six combinations were on their first or second time out on a team today!!???

We ended up 4th and 6th in the end and I've had yet another whole day out with top riders/friends/horses Thanks for making our club so special and being so brilliant today everyone #NCRCrocks!! Well done all!! Debs X
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19/6/16 - National Showjumping Qualifiers at Elstead

Elstead was the venue for the National SJ Qualifiers on 19th June. The weather was better than the last time we were there so spirits were high.
Lisa Smith had brought Woody for his first outing since last Summer for the Open Individual class, as you can imagine he was incredibly excited about the whole party atmosphere!

Lisa was first to go on the 1.10m course, they made the spectators and myself live on the edge for the whole round by rattling a number of poles, however all poles stayed in the cups and they were rewarded with a clear round.
The second round went up to 1.15m and the course was changed. We were hoping that the change of course would help Lisa control the rather strong and onward bound Woody. After a good warm up, Lisa went in again. Lisa navigated her way round the course superbly, Woody took a few strides out here and there to add a few more metres onto some already big oxers, which resulted in some gasps from the crowd. They had gone clear again.
Luckily Lisa was the only one to have a double clear so she won the class and is on her way to Lincoln for the NAF National Championships in September.

After some horse and horsebox shuffling (thanks Warren and Matthew) Lisa swapped onto her Novice horse, Twiglet.
This time Lisa was drawn last. There were several clears on the first rounds and Lisa rode Twiglet beautifully to add to the tally. Twiglet also added to the excitement by being quite gung ho over several jumps.
After a change of course, we were hopeful of Twiglet getting another clear but there were several rounds with refusals and 4 faults so it proved the course really had to be ridden. Lisa again steered Twiglet to a lovely clear and we were delighted to be in the jump off.
Unfortunately Lisa was drawn first to go in the jump off, and she set the gauntlet with a quick clear. Disappointedly, someone beat Lisa by 1.5 secs into 2nd place but what a day… 5 clears on two different horses, 1 won and qualified and 1 in 2nd place.

Massive well done to Lisa and big thanks to the support crew for making it possible.
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25/3/16 - Team Winter Dressage Friendly at Merrist Wood College Arena, Guildford

This was the second of the two area team competitions held over the winter period. The teams consisted of three members; riding Prelim 14, Prelim 18 and Novice 30.

The teams:
The Pinot Grigio’s were Felicity Govas on Halfrena Sam; Cally Ingram on Woodlands Pulsingh and Lorraine Holloway on Chinnor Hamlet.
The Prosecco’s were Wendy Caller on Smash; Emily O’Dell on Mr Flynn and Loraine Terry on Memphis 66.

Yet again our team members were brilliant. Everyone turned up which is always a relief as a team manager. I am very lucky to have such lovely team members to work with. Our team members and their horses were all beautifully turned out. Our teams did us proud and all performed lovely tests.

The results were as follows:

1st Elstead Red 7 points
2nd Elstead Blue 12 points
3rd Newlands Corner Pinot Grigio’s 15 points
4th Bookham Blues 17 points
5th WSRC Rubies 20 points
6th Elstead Yellow 22 points

As you can see from the results, once again our team members did really well and we had several individual placings as well.

Well done all and thanks for representing us.

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6/2/16 - BRC Riding Clubs Intermediate Winter Championships Qualifier

What another fantastic result for our club. Although we just missed out on a team qualification, Alison Warne and Ruby, Lorraine Holloway and Hamlet and Sue Brougham and Kit have all qualified as individuals for the Intermediate Winter Qualifier held at Bury Farm at the beginning of April.
We would like to thank everyone for representing us so well at Merrist Wood on 6th March and a special thank you to Wendy Caller and Smash who were called in with a few days notice and a very special thank you to Amy Temple and Alcatraz Again who were called in with a few hours notice!!
As always we are very proud of our members, you always turn up on time, look amazing and never make a fuss - you just get on with it and do a brilliant job.

Thank you once again and we look forward the next one.

Winter National SJ Qualifier
So 2016 is well underway but it was the first outing for the SJ team. We set off to Sands Farm for the Winter National Qualifier with some pressure due to winning this competition last year!
We had two teams this year, the Fruits and Nuts, which was very exciting.
Debs Linscott and Connor were first in for the Fruits and had a great round, but she needed her sat nav as went slightly wrong, but luckily she had the presence of mind to add in a few dressage moves to only get 4 faults and not an elimination.
Amy Temple and her lovely young horse, Petal were in first for the Nuts. Petal found the dark indoor arena with lots of people watching from both gallery and entrance, over-awing so had to retire after 4 jumps. Petal will come back stronger after this experience.
Alison Warne, Fruits, went next and did a super clear round with the wonderful Ruby. Kathryn Blowers had brought her horse, Rome, for the Nuts. Rome was certainly finding his first SJ competition in a few years very exciting, he had a big spook at the timing equipment which caused 4 faults but the rest of the round was perfect.
Kim Carey and Mac were gee’d up and in they went for the Fruits, this resulted in a foot perfect clear round… we were possibly back in the game if we could get another clear. Lisa Smith then took in Twiglet for the Nuts. Twiglet found the sound system and the timing equipment a bit spooky, but Lisa rode superbly to get 4 faults.
So Cally ‘no nerves’ Ingram had to get us a clear round to get the Fruits in touch for the 2nd round… of course Otter and herself romped round for a great clear so they Fruits ended on 0!! Sue Brougham, who was riding high from her Regional Dressage win the previous day, steered the wonderful Fuzzy round to a great clear. Sue managed to breathe and everything!
The Nuts, completed their 2nd rounds brilliantly well with 3 clears so it was great to see those partnerships in action.
The first round had generally been well ridden with a lot of teams getting clears, so we really needed more clears for the 2nd rounds.
The WHOLE Fruits team rode superbly well and we managed to get 4, yes 4! Clear rounds…. We were into the jump off!!
There were 3 teams in the jump off, so team orders started with get a clear and quickly escalated to kick on and get a clear…
Debs set off like a bat out of hell and got a quick clear, Alison and Ruby went more steadily but managed to ride some tighter lines that the bigger horses could manage and got a clear. Kim was given instructions to ‘think XC’ and get me a clear and brilliantly Mac and her obliged. At this point all the other team riders had gone clear also so it was down to times, Cally was told to kick on and put her foot down… Cally rode by the seat of her pants and Otter did a great clear. We couldn’t do anymore and we had gone as fast as we could.
As the results were announced, we realised that we had come 2nd which was a superb result.
Well done teams and thank you so much for all your efforts both horses and riders.
PS – we are currently waiting to see if we have qualified from 2nd place to go for the 2nd year running to the Winter National Championships…..