National Dressage to Music Championships
7th October 2012 at Aintree

This year we were to be represented by Nicola Kennard on Castlemoon Rebel in the Novice with 0 points section and Inga Diggens on Esperanza in the Elementary.

Unfortunately, Inga was unable to go to the championships. However, Nicola and her trusty support team made the long trip up to Aintree.

Nicola and Moon performed a lovely test, with a fantastic score of 70.42%. Unfortunately, they were not placed on this occasion.

I would like to thank Nicola (and her team) for making such a long trip and for representing us so brilliantly.

Well done

London and South East Championships
Rackham - September 30th 2012

Our Horse Trials team for this event was Rebecca Riiser and Geronimo, Lisa Smith and Matty Brown and Gemma Davies with Fools Gold, unfortunately we had to run with only three so were at a disadvantage from the start. They all gave it their best shots but sadly were not placed. However Becca and Ron went very well to be placed 3rd in their arena, a very good 25th Birthday present for her.
London and South East Dressage and Riding Test Championship
30th September 2012 at Sparright Farm, Rackham

This year one dressage team and one riding test team were representing us. For the dressage each member of the team rode Prelim 13 and for the riding test it was Riding Test 12. The dressage team was Lorraine Terry on Memphis 66, Sarah Goody on Diamond Clover Echo, Lisa Smith on Guns ‘n’ Roses and Emma Thompson on Kings Charter. The Riding Test team was Babu Saha on Laya, Emma Thompson on Kings Charter, Lisa Smith on Guns ‘n’ Roses and Sophie Thompson on Sam I Am.

It was a long day, with some of our team members having over 6 hours between their various disciplines. On a positive note, it stayed dry!! The day started with show jumping and horse trials and so we had to wait until the afternoon to get into action.

The riding test was first; there were two arenas and our competitors were in at the same time. Lisa and Babu were first followed by Emma and Sophie. They all rode beautifully and were a credit to our club.

Then came the dressage, all four of our riders were due in the arenas at the same time. This is tricky when you are hoping to watch all four tests and be able to call if required. Fortunately, by this stage in the day the arenas were all running at slightly different times, so was not an issue. We also had great supporters who were ready to step in if required. The team all performed lovely tests.

Team results as follows:

L&SE team dressage:
1st South Oxfordshire 6 points
2nd Sevenoaks 6 points
3rd Elstead Blue 10 points
4th Newlands Corner 11 points
5th Thames Valley 13 points
6th Tadley 18 points

L&SE team riding test:
1st Newlands Corner 14 points
2nd Elstead White 16 points
3rd Tadley 20 points
4th South Oxfordshire 26 points
5th Wey Valley 32 points
6th Rogate 33 points

Individual dressage placings:
1st Emma Thompson – Kings Charter
4th Sarah Goody – Diamond Clover Echo
6th Lorraine Terry – Memphis 66
6th Lisa Smith – Guns ‘n’ Roses

Individual riding test placings:
1st Lisa Smith – Guns ‘n’ Roses
5th Babu Saha – Laya

Our team members and their horses were all turned out beautifully and all did their bit and performed brilliantly. As you can see the results were well worth waiting for, even at the end of a very long day and we retained the riding test cup that we won last year.

Well done and congratulations, you are all fabulous.


Riding Clubs Horse Trials Championships
Aston-le-Walls - August 3rd, 4th and 5th 2012.

Unfortunately we did not have an Intermediate team to defend our title or a Novice team but Lisa Smith and Ringfort Respect went as Intermediate individuals and also as members of an Area 11 team along with a rider from Chipstead and two from Abinger Forest who qualified but suffered from lame horses so could not send a team.

Portia McKay-Forbes and Farney Stepper and Rebecca Riiser and Charlie Worcester represented the club in the Open class as individuals.The format for both these competitions is the old one, with roads and tracks and steeplechase which is so unusual these days and such fun that it makes the championships a special target to aim for. However for reasons best known to themselves BRC decided to take out the roads and tracks and steeplechase phases 2 weeks or so before the competition which was very disappointing for all concerned.

The competition starts with all competitors trotting up their horses before the ground jury to make sure they are fit to compete, ours all passed and then went on to do their dressage tests. The arenas had been moved from the usual field to one which was right next to the cross country, the juniors were running all day and though Ringfort Respect (Woody) and Farney put up very good performances, Charlie, unfortunately, was set alight by all the excitement.

Lisa very kindly cooked masses of chilli and the other team members and friends joined us for a "bonding" evening which was good fun, these weekends always consist of lots of socialising and many a glass of wine is drunk!

The forecast was for very unsettled weather and this was what we got, very heavy downpours mixed with bright sunny spells, you just didn`t know what to wear! The going however was firm and pretty rutted after a summer that made land so difficult to manage. Lisa and Woody put in a lovely clear round inside the time, Portia and Farney jumped round beautifully with just a very few time penalties incurred at the start and at a slightly wide turn after a downhill run. The usually very consistent Charlie had an out of character stop, I think maybe Becca thought he was going and he didn`t.

We enjoyed the usual BBQ on the Saturday night, happy to have got round the cross country but with the worry of the second vet`s inspection on Sunday morning, before the showjumping.

After rain during the night, Sunday dawned quite brightly but by the time our riders were due to trot their horses up very black clouds had arrived, thunder claps were heard and the rain bucketed down. Becca and Charlie got soaked but managed to pass before a waterfall cascaded off the roof of the indoor school next to the trot up path, which turned into a river. The trot up was moved to an adjacent path and Portia and Farney passed too.

By this time the show jumping arena had become deep and slippery but Lisa and Woody coped very well only to have a very unlucky pole down. The rest of the area 11 team went well was placed 6th. Lisa and Woody were placed 5th individually, well done.

Becca and Charlie had a pole down,it wasn`t their weekend this time. Portia and Farney jumped a super clear round to be placed 7th indivually and just outside the ribbons overall. They have since posted their first win at South of England in the BE Novice class, really well done.

Here`s looking forward to 2013 with a new Championship venue, if any one is keen to join the HT teams, don`t hesitate to get in touch.

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National Open Dressage and Riding Test Qualifier
8th July 2012 at Newlands Corner Riding Club Field

This year, we decided to send two dressage teams to the national qualifier. Each team rode three Novices and one Elementary test. The Oaks were Portia McKay-Forbes on Farney Stepper, Jenny Moxham on Harry Hotspot, Sue Brougham on Smart Fellow and Lisa Smith on Ringfort Respect. The Elms were Kim Carey on Sharkhams Real Deal, Ian Carey on Sharkhams Real McCoy, Babu Saha on Laya and Sarah Goody on Diamond Clover Echo.

We also sent two riding test teams. Two members ride test 11 and two ride test 13. The Beeches were Ian Carey on Sharkhams Real McCoy, Babu Saha on Laya, Portia McKay-Forbes on Farney Stepper and Caroline Brougham on Smart Fellow. The Yews were Fiona Foster on Abbey Heights, Kim Carey on Sharkhams Real Deal and Jenny Moxham on Harry Hotspot.

We also had two individuals competing in the Medium qualifier; Caroline Brougham on Westenwind E and Lisa Smith on Ringfort Respect. It should be noted that Lisa and ‘Woody’ stepped in at the last minute and this was their first ever attempt at a Medium.

As with most shows over this summer, the lead up to this show was incredibly stressful. It was touch and go whether we would actually be able to run. It was eventually decided, with input from the area committee, that we should go ahead. Peter and the tractor were duly booked and were busy throughout the day towing people in as well as out of the parking field. The weather did not let us down and true to form for this season, we had a downpour. We even had to move some of the arenas between tests. However, the judges did comment that most of the horses coped remarkably well with the ground conditions.

Our team members all looked wonderful and all their horses were impeccably turned out. Our competitors yet again performed exceptionally well and did us proud.

The results were as follows:

National Open team dressage:
1st Elstead Blue 5 points
2nd Newlands Corner Oaks 6 points
3rd Newlands Corner Elms 7 points
4th Chipstead 8 points
5th Wey Valley Wasps 13 points
6th Elstead Red 16 points

National Riding Test team:
1st Elstead Yellow 7 points
2nd Newlands Corner Beeches 12 points
3rd Newlands Corner Yews 14 points
4th Elstead White 15 points
5th Wey Valley Waves 21 points

Individual Placings
N27 1st Portia McKay-Forbes – Farney Stepper
N24 4th Kim Carey – Sharkhams Real Deal
N30 2nd Ian Carey – Sharkhams Real McCoy
N30 3rd Jenny Moxham – Harry Hotspot
N34 3rd Sue Brougham – Smart Fellow
N34 4th Babu Saha – Laya
E40 6th Sarah Goody – Diamond Clover Echo
M73 2nd Caroline Brougham – Westenwind E
M73 4th Lisa Smith – Ringfort Respect
RT11 1st Kim Carey – Sharkhams Real Deal
RT11 3rd Ian Carey – Sharkhams Real McCoy
RT11 6th Babu Saha – Laya
RT13 4th Caroline Brougham – Smart Fellow
RT13 5th Jenny Moxham – Harry Hotspot

As you can see from the results, we did brilliantly but were just pipped in both the dressage and riding test competitions. The standard was excellent and you can see from the results how close the competition was. Portia and Kim qualify as individuals as the highest placed competitors not in the winning team for Novice 27 and Riding Test 11 respectively.

Well-done, congratulations and thank you to all our team members, I am very lucky to be surrounded by such a great group of people.

Portia and Kim subsequently decided not to travel to Lincoln for the Championships.

National and London and South East Dressage to Music Qualifier
30th June 2012 at Sands Farm Equitation Centre

This year we had lots of representation at the qualifier. We had three individuals representing us in the Novice: Nicola Kennard with Castlemoon Rebel, Jenny Moxham with Harry Hotspot and Nichol Dew with Albury Lonesome Dove. We had one individual representing us in the Elementary: Inga Diggens with Esperanza. We also had an individual in the pas seul (costume): Nicola Kennard with Castlemoon Rebel. They were all turned out beautifully and performed lovely tests.

The Novice is split into two sections: no BD points and 1-124 BD points. In the no points section, Nicola and Moon won both the national and the L&SE qualifier. In the points section, Jenny and Harry won the L&SE qualifier, with Nichol and Hope coming second.

In the elementary, Inga and Eppy won the national qualifier and in the pas seul, Nicola and Moon performed to space music, with Nicola dressed as an astronaut. They also won this class.

They were all turned out beautifully and performed lovely tests, the horses really seem to enjoy swinging along to their music. As a club we won every class we were entered into and all our competitors qualified for championships.

Very excitingly, Nicola and Inga will be representing us at the National Championships which are held at Aintree in October. Also, Nicola, Jenny and Nichol will be representing us at the L&SE Championships which are held at Sands Farm, also in October. Congratulations on a fantastic result and the very best of luck for the Championships.

National Novice Dressage Qualifier
London and South East Dressage and Riding Test Qualifier
17th June 2012 at Bookham Club Field, Leatherhead

This year we sent one dressage and one riding test team to the qualifier. For the dressage each member of the team rode Prelim 14. For the riding test it was Riding Test 11.

Due to the wonderful summer weather we were experiencing, the lead up to this event was quite interesting. Many emails and phone calls were flying backwards and forwards between the organisers and the various team managers and members. With 3 days to go, the message arrived that due to the weather the field may be unusable and alternative venues were trying to be sourced. With 2 days to go, the decision was made that due to the ground conditions only 2 arenas would be available rather than 4. Poor Julie, from Chipstead Riding Club then had to update all the times and reissue them to everyone. I must say she was amazing and took everything in her stride and with a smile on her face. I am quite sure I would not have coped as well as she did and would have been very grumpy!!

The day dawned and it was dry all day! Everyone arrived safely and with plenty of time, which is always a huge relief. The team and their horses were all turned out beautifully and everyone performed brilliantly. The horses were not even fazed by the model aeroplanes flying overhead!

The dressage team were Fiona Foster on Abbey Heights, Lorraine Terry on Memphis 66, Sophie Thompson on Sam I Am and Lisa Smith on Guns ‘n’ Roses.
The riding test team were Fiona Foster on Abbey Heights, Babu Saha on Laya, Sophie Thompson on Sam I Am and Lisa Smith on Guns ‘n’ Roses.

The results were as follows:

L&SE team dressage:
1st Wey Valley Wildcats - Q
2nd Newlands Corner- Q
3rd Elstead Yellow- Q
4th Elstead Blue- Q
5th West Surrey Red - Q
6th Bookham Blue

Individual Dressage placings
3rd Fiona Foster – Abbey Heights
5th Lisa Smith – Guns ‘n’ Roses
6th Sophie Thompson – Sam I Am

L&SE team Riding Test:
1st Elstead Yellow – Q
2nd Newlands Corner – Q
3rd Elstead Green – Q
4th North Downs – Q
5th Wey Valley Wombats – Q
6th Bookham Green

Individual Riding Test placings
2nd Lisa Smith – Guns ‘n’ Roses
2nd Babu Saha – Laya
5th Sophie Thompson – Sam I Am

National team dressage:
1st Wey Valley Wildcats - Q
2nd West Surrey Red
3rd Elstead Blue
4th Newlands Corner
5th Bookham Blue
6th Wey Valley Wombats

As you can see from the results, we qualified for the L&SE championships in both dressage and riding test. The standard was very high and our team members achieved some really great results.

Well done and congratulations to all our team members and good luck at the finals.

Open Horse Trials Qualifier at Borde Hill May 27th 2012.

Our Area was kindly invited to join Area 10`s Open Qualifier which, as last year, ran in conjunction with the B.E. event at Borde Hill. For the first time we were able to field a team at this level, B.E. Novice. They were Caroline Brougham and Smart Fellow 11, Portia McKay Forbes and Farney Stepper and Rebecca Riiser and Charlie Worcester. We had hoped to have 4 team members but unfortunately Rolf Birket was injured.

The Event takes place on the National Trust estate and is well known for its challenging terrain. The dressage arenas are fairly level, the show jumping is on a slope and the cross country is hilly, so you need a fit horse. With the bizarre weather we are having this year, this was probably the hottest day so far with brilliant sunshine throughout.

Caroline was first to go with (confusingly, another) Woody and they did a super dressage test for 25, but on the tricky showjumping had 4 down and unfortunately were eliminated on the cross country course. They are a new combination and due to many cancellations have not had the runs they would have hoped for.

Portia and Farney were next to go, they are new to this level, but had had a good result the week before at Tweseldown. They scored a respectable 35 in the dressage, had 3 down in the showjumping and whizzed round the cross country clear.

Becca and Charlie, as many of you will know are our regular Open representatives, achieved one of their best dressage scores of 30, they went clear in the showjumping and zoomed round the cross country. They had a worrying moment at the most difficult combination, when the person in front did not get out of the way. At this level you are allowed a stopwatch so Becca knew she had time in hand (as usual) and calmly did a circle while the other horse got out the way. They still finished inside the time allowed!.

The Qualifier is run as part of the Open Novice section which allows horses of all levels, including advanced to compete, so Becca did really well to be placed 4th. Very well done also to Portia, they both qualify for the Nationals as Newlands Corner was the only Area 11 club represented.

Well done girls, I really hope the weather sorts itself out before we set off to Aston-le-Walls in August,

Intermediate and Novice Horse trials Qualifiers
Snowball Farm, Burnham Beeches, Buckinghamshire. May 19th 2012.

After much too-ing and fro-ing about where and when these and the Open Qualifiers were to take place we were kindly invited by Area 6 to join them. Unfortunately we did not have a team to defend our Intermediate National title but Lisa Smith and Ringfort Respect, members of our 2008 winning team and Ian Carey and Sharkham`s Real McCoy members of last year`s Championship winning team represented the Club as Individuals.

Lisa and Woody put up a very good dressage score of 25 and then jumped clear showjumping and cross country, which was a great effort as I`m sure many of you will know they have had their setbacks recently.

Ian and Mac also went very well in the dressage to score 31 and went clear showjumping and cross country. They had rather more problems to contend with as they were held on the cross country because the rider before them had fallen off. Never a nice position to be in, but they put it behind them and galloped on home. Ian was very dismayed when he went to look at the scores to discover that he had been eliminated for being twice over the time allowed! After an enquiry to the secretary their score was put right.

Lisa and Woody`s final score of 25 was unbeaten and so they qualify to go to Aston-le-Walls in August. Ian and Mac were 3rd, only the first two qualify, so we must hope they get a wild card.

The 2nd placed rider was Amy Barton from Abinger who was placed 5th overall at the Championships last year.

Well done Lisa and Ian.

Our Novice Team consisted of regular members Rebecca Riiser and Geronimo and Gemma Davies with Fool`s Gold 111 and newcomers Lucy Savage and Sparkling Friend and Lisa Smith with Matty Brown . The lay out was the same for the Intermediates (obviously smaller) , the showjumping took place in an arena with a small riding in arena next to it. There was a certain amount of chaos as the number of horses allowed in were not monitered which became positively dangerous. Not ideal, especially for inexperienced horses, there was a riding-in area right across the lorry park which was much quieter as many people did not know it was there!
The cross-country was a long and rolling course and very much up to height. It is good that the Qualifiers are challenging as the championships will be big. The Novice was a Qualifier for the Nationals and London and South East.

The competition was a big ask for Matty who did a very good dressage and clear showjumping, once he got the hang of it, but unfortunately the cross-country was a step too far and they were eliminated. The others went well and Becca and Ron inparticular as they finished on their dressage score and were placed 3rd in their arena. The Team was placed 3rd so have qualified for the London and South East Championships, but unfortunately only the winners go to the Nationals who were Elstead !

Well done Girls.

We always have to provide helpers on these occasions and this time friends and team members mucked in to steward the Dressage, thank you all very much. If anyone is interested in being there to cheer our team(s) on and helping out please let me know as the more the merrier.

Festival of the Horse Qualifier - April 1st 2012

The qualifier took place at Fairoak, Rogate, Nr. Petersfield, this is a lovely private estate and on an early Spring day the going was good and the weather sunny. Do to various lame horses and shuffling around, we did not have a full team, but Ian Carey, Portia Forbes-McKay and Gemma Davies, riding Sharkham`s Real McCoy, Farney Stepper and Fools Gold 111 competed in the Intermediate Eventers Challenge.

This competition involves jumping a round of showjumps and then immediately setting of on a cross country course. At this level the jumps were 1 metre high, the course was up to height and quite technical for this early in the season. Both Ian and Portia jumped fast double clears, but unfortunately Gemma had one down showjumping and was clear across country but was eliminated for jumping the wrong fence.There were three jumps side by side looking very similar and it`s very easy to make a mistake when you`re going fast, this put the Team out of the running but Portia was placed 2nd individually and Ian 5th. Well done to both of them, as there was no winning team, Portia has been invited to join an Area 11 team at the Championships.
Well done also to Gemma as it was her first attempt at this level, at very short notice!

We only had one representative in the novice competition, at approximately 85cms, Lucy Savage and Wildwinds Tocccata, who were unfortunately not placed. In the Pairs competition, Ian and Kim Carey with Sharkham`s Real Mc Coy and Sharkham`s Real Deal (Leo) who was on his very best behaviour and they were placed 4th. Lucy Savage and Rolf Birkett riding Sparkling Friend (Laa Laa, an ex racehorse) who found the showjumping rather overwhelming, and unluckily were eliminated.

As I write this Ian has also been invited to join the Area Team, but will be unable to compete.

The season is just beginning and hopefully it will stop raining and we will have better luck.

Sue Davis
Team Winter Dressage Friendly - 6th April at Merrist Wood, Guildford

This was one of the two area team competitions held over the winter period. The teams consisted of three members; riding Prelim 4, Prelim 14 and Novice 34.

The teams:
The Oaks were Ian Carey on Edward; Lucy Savage on Sparkling Friend and Kim Carey on Leo.
The Elms were Lorna Thompson on Wiggy; Sophie Thompson on Sam and Lucy Savage on Boreatton Precious Gem.
The Yews were Portia McKay-Forbes on Farney Stepper; Fiona Foster on Abbey Heights and Ian Carey on Mac.
The Hollies were Portia McKay-Forbes on Tucker; Emma Lambourne on Bodie and Lucy Savage on Wildwinds Tocatta.
The Beeches were Maggie Scott on Dolly; Lorraine Terry on Memphis 66 and Nicola Kennard on Castlemoon Rebel.

Our team members did us proud and performed lovely tests. The horses were all turned out beautifully. We were in for the long haul as our first team member performed their test at 9.28am and the last was at 5.28pm. It was a lovely bright day, but very cold and I certainly needed a glass of wine to warm me up at the end of the day! The standard was very high and the scores were incredibly close.

The results were as follows:
1st West Surrey 10 points
2nd Wey Valley Wizards 17 points
3rd = Newlands Corner Elms 18 points
3rd = Farnham 18 points
5th Newlands Corner Yews 20 points
6th Elstead Blue 23 points

As you can see from the results, our teams did really well on the day. We had several individual placings as well. A big thank you and well done to all our team members, you were all great and I am a very proud team manager.
March 2012 (Dressage)

Hi all, I thought I would throw a quick note together to pass on some information about this years dressage dates for qualifiers and finals. This is all the info I have so far!

Have a look at the dates and let me know if you are interested.


Winter Friendlies (teams of three):
1st friendly will be held on 6th April at Merrist Wood, Worplesdon, Guildford, GU3 3PE.
Tests will be: Prelim 4, Prelim 14 and Novice 34.

2nd friendly will be held on 15th April at Priory Equestrian Centre, Frensham, GU10 3DP.
Tests will be: Prelim 12, Prelim 14 and Novice 24.

London and South East dressage and riding tests:
Qualifier will be held on 17th June at Bookham Riding Club Field, River Lane, Leatherhead, KT22 0AU.
Tests will be Prelim 14 (2006) and Riding Test 11 (2010)

Championship will be held on 30th September at Sparright Farm, Rackham, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 2EY.
Tests will be Prelim 13 (2006) and Riding Test 12 (2010)

National Novice dressage:
Qualifier will be held on 17th June, as above. Test will be Prelim 14.

Championship will be held on 15th/16th September at Lincolnshire Showground.
Test will be the same as the qualifier.

National Open dressage and Riding Tests:
Qualifier will be held on 8th July at Newlands Corner Club Field, Hollister Farm, Coombe Lane, Surrey, GU5 9TD. Dressage team tests will be Novice 27 (2007), Novice 30 (2006), Novice 34 (2009) and Elementary 40 (2010). Riding tests will be Riding Test 11 (2010) and Riding Test 13 (2010).

Championship will be held on 15th/16th September at Lincolnshire Showground. Dressage tests the same as qualifier. Riding tests will be Riding Test 12 (2010) and Riding Test 14 (2010).

Pairs and Medium:
Qualifier will be held on 8th July, as above (with National open dressage). Pairs test will be Pairs test 4 (2004). Medium test will be Medium 73 (2007).

Championship will be held on 15th/16th September, as above. Tests same as qualifier.

Flu certificates:
Please note that for all BRC official competitions (including national qualifiers and championships), your horse must have a valid flu certificate which means that the dates of vaccinations must comply with the following:
• Horse must have had its first two vaccinations at least.
• The second vaccination must have been given between 21 and 92 days after the first one.
• There must be a third vaccination given between 150 and 215 days after the second one.
• Thereafter the horse must have had booster vaccinations at intervals not exceeding one year.
• None of these vaccinations must have been given on the day of the competition or on any of the 6 days before the competition.
However from 1 January 2011, providing that a horse has been given the first two vaccinations correctly and there are no errors in the annual vaccinations for the past five calendar years, then the horse will be accepted for BRC qualifiers and championships.

For all national qualifiers, the horse must have a valid flu certificate, which must accompany the horse to the qualifier – failure to do so will incur elimination.

Protective headgear:
must be worn at all times when riding anywhere at a BRC event. They must show a visible BRC ‘hat tag’ and must comply to the following standard:
British PAS015: 1998 or 2011, BSEN1384: 1997 (with BSI kitemark or SEI)
European EN1384: 1996 (with BSI kitemark or SEI)
American All SEI, ASTM F1163: 2004, SNELL E2001
Australian & NZ All SAI AS/NZS 3838 2003 or 2006

Thanks for being part of the team, let’s hope we have loads of success and most importantly lots of fun.

Contact details:
Caroline May
14 Wodehouse Place
41 Epsom Road
Tel: 01483 560447
Mob: 07775 693350

Best wishes and good luck for the season