Munstead Horse Trials National Qualifier - 23rd April 2023

We had a lovely time at Munstead Horse Trials even though it poured with rain all morning and many lorries were being towed in and out of the show ground.

Our first representative was Sue Brougham and the lovely Lisboy Angelina in the 80cm class. They had an early start and produced a smart dressage test and a double clear to take an amazing 6th place.

Danielle Bruton and wonderful Shere Spirit were next to go in the 80cm. It was still pouring with rain and they achieved a good dressage test and a double clear but unfortunately weren’t placed this time.

Next were Annabel Hillary and the gorgeous Chippendale lll in the 90cm. After a solid dressage test and another double clear they were just out of the rosettes in 7thplace.
Then the sun shone for the big guns – Louise Stewart-Muir and the fantastic Star Dazzler in the 100cm. They produced a lovely dressage test, had two unlucky poles in the show jumping and then stormed around the cross country like it wasn’t there – they made it look so easy.

Thank you everyone for once again representing us so well and a huge thank you to Karlie Thomas and Wendy Caller for being our helpers for the day because without them we would not be able to compete.

Combined Training - 9th April 2023 - Felbridge Showground

We had a lovely day today at Felbridge Showground for the National Qualifier for the Combined Training Championships.

We fielded one team and one individual. The team consisted if Orla Stone and Bawngapriff Jerry who produced a lovely dressage test and a couple of baby mistakes in the show jumping to come 5th, Briony Simpson with Anne Limbach’s Galway Paddy who gave us a beautiful dressage test and a very unlucky pole at the last fence to come 3rd, Jo Marsh and Ranmer Achilles who produced a fantastic dressage test and a fantastic clear round show jumping to come 2nd and Sheri Johnson and Drumkeeren Jet who delivered a lovely dressage test but unfortunately took a dislike to fence five in the show jumping As a result the team came 5th although I did try and steal Chipstead’s third place rosettes as I didn’t have my glasses on when I looked at the score board and Julie had to prize them out of my hands – in my defence, 3 and 5 look very similar!

Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit finished the day as our individual combination and after a gorgeous dressage test they had a couple of very unlucky poles to come 5th.

A huge thank you as always to our representatives and their helpers today, your horses are a credit to you and we are always very proud that you ride for us.
Dressage Team Friendly - 7th April 2023 - Merrist Wood

We had a lovely day at the dressage team friendly on 7th April at Merrist Wood and the sun was shining ☀️☀️

We sent two teams, the Purple team was Sheri Johnson who was 10th in her class, Fiona Foster who was 3rd in her class and Jo Marsh who was 4th in her class so that team came =3rd with Elstead. Our Pink team was Charlotte Moulden who came 1st in her class, Lorraine Holloway who came 12th in her class and Briony Simpson who came 7th in her class. But unfortunately this team was just out of the placings this time.

All the horses and riders did beautiful tests and a good start to the spring season.

Well done everyone xx
National Intermediate Dressage Qualifier - 18th March 2023 - Sands Farm

We sent three teams to the National Intermediate Dressage Qualifier at Sands farm on 18th March All our team members did brilliant tests and we had great results with our Pink team consisting of Briony Simpson, Charlotte Moulden, Emma Thompson and Nichol Williams producing very high scores and winning the competition qualifying for the Campionships at Onley. Our Purple team Julie Cousens, Chloe Lovatt, Annable Hillary and Danielle Bruton also had great results coming 5th. Our Orange team Kerry Dawes, Jenny Moxham, Sheri Johnson were down a member and didn’t manage to get placed this time.

We also had individual placings with Charlotte and Nichol coming 1st in their classes, Chloe, Briony and Emma coming 3d in their classes and Danielle coming 4th in her class.

Well done everyone, what a great result for the start of the year and good luck for the Championships.
National Combined Challenge Qualifier - 5th March 2023 - Tweseldown

We had a lovely day at Tweseldown today at the National Combined Challenge Qualifier. We had a team of four in the 80cm class but unfortunately poor Annabel Hillary who had done all the hard work getting Dale ready was too unwell to compete. Emma Bailey and the gorgeous Alice was first to go and stormed around with a double clear and into 4thplace. Meg Jeffs and the wonderful Limited Edition went next. They clearly thought that 80cm was beneath them and decided to jump the 90cm first fence instead then flew around the rest of the course (we were hoping that the fence judges may not have noticed but unfortunately they did). Danielle Bruton and the amazing Shere Spirit went last with a double clear and they posted the fasted time of the class to come 2nd.

In the 90cm class Louise Stewart-Muir and Star Dazzler were representing us as an individual. Louise and Annie looked stunning going around and even with a very unlucky pole, they still managed to come 5th.

Thank you everyone who took part today and all the helpers and supporters, it was so lovely to see everyone and very well done – you all looked so stylish going around the course and we are really proud to have you represent us.
National Novice Show Jumping Qualifier - 5th February 2023 - Sands Farm

We had a lovely day today at Sands Farm for the National Novice Show Jumping Qualifier. It was sunny but cold and the show was well run and had a lovely atmosphere, especially when all our team members were around.

Our first team was for the 80cm class and consisted of: Sue Brougham and Angie, Patrick Murphy and Bart, Danielle Bruton and Paddy and Annabel Hilary and Dale. They all produced stylish rounds and shared the clear rounds and the odd unlucky pole down to come 4th.

Our second team competed in the 70cm class and consisted of: Briony Simpson and Anne Limbach’s Paddy, Emma Bailey and Alice, Orla Stone and her lovely horse and Lorraine Holloway and Alfie. Again some lovey rounds with just a couple of poles down meant the team came an amazing 2nd with Orla coming 5th and Emma pulling off a fantastic win to qualify for the for the Championships at Arena UK.

Thank you all for being brilliant fun, supportive to everyone and without doubt, great competitors.