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Arena Eventing at Pyecombe - 10th November 2018

Arena Eventing at Pyecombe. A new event to the riding clubs to which we entered 4 teams, a 70, 80 and 2 x 90.

We were very lucky with the weather as despite original horrible forecast the sun shone on the teams.

The 70 team, Dorothy Greentree, Sammy Green and Vicci Hogben qualified for the arena eventing championships on 9-10 March 2019 at Aston Le Walls. Sadly Emma W did not get through as passport vac dates (despite passing checks at Munstead previously) were questionable! Amazing rounds from both Dorothy and Sammy. Individual 1st and 2nd.

The 80 team were also 1 player down as Sarah Roberts Buzz was lame a few days before the comp. Despite this they pulled out the stops and came 2nd teams with a fab individual 3rd from Erin Lewis and Josh and individual 5th from Joanna Marsh and Achilles. Lorraine Holloway and Hamlet also jumped a fab round with just a couple of stops.

We were presented with a bit of a challenge for the 90 teams with 2 last minute players down, Kathryn had an unfortunate flat tyre and Zoe’s Peanut puffy tendon.....
With a bit of juggling managed to re do the declaration forms and get a team of 4 together, Laura Green, Sasha Moores, Lousie Stewart Muir and Emma Thompson all jumped amazing rounds to finish 3rd in the 90.
With Leigh Greenwood jumping as a 90 individual, a good round with a couple of challenges, but lots of promise for next year.

All in all a brilliant day for our teams, with all ready to sign up for the 10th Feb!!

The London and South East Championships

The London and South East Championships were held at Bon Fleur Maidstone this October and our qualified team was Katherine Blowers riding Sam, Sophie Roberts riding her mum's horse Buzz, Charlotte Moulden riding Digby and Jo Marsh riding Archilles

Katherine and Sophie got 69% and Charlotte and Jo both got 66% The team came third with Sophie coming 2nd in her arena

Well done ladies and we were lucky to miss the horrible weather that we left behind in Surrey

National Novice dressage Qualifier - Saturday 27th October Sands Farm

Thank you to all our team members who represented us at the National Novice Dressage Qualifier that we held at Sands Farm on 27th October.

We had four teams and six individual competitors competing for us and the show ran from 9.00 until 6.00 and we were grateful that everyone turned up on a very cold day.

Team Prosecco
Kathryn Blowers riding Trademark
Cally Ingram riding Woodlands Pulsingh
Julie Vastenhout riding Without Bounds
Lorraine Holloway riding Chinor Hamlet

Pinot Grigio
Kay Mahoney riding Rohyme
Aimee Stanton riding Hunters Firefly
Felicity Govas riding Hafrena Sam
Olivia Randall riding Alantic lad

Alison Warne riding Ruby
Helen Storr riding Celtic Moy Melody
Charlotte Moulden riding Digby
Alison Green riding Bookham Lodge Ronaldo

Claire Lang riding Normadic Warrior
Zoe Blauw riding Harry's Boy
Joanna Marsh riding Ranmer Archilles
Sheri Johnson riding Sportsfield Top Knotch

Helen Storr
Aimmee Stanton
Olivia Randell
Lorraine Holloway
Carlotte Moulden
Julie Vastenhout

Everyone rode lovely tests and achieved great results with our Prosecco team coming third, our Chardonnay team coming fourth and our Pino Grigio team coming equal sixth but the equal teams had to be separated by using the fourth members score which then dropped us to seventh

We also had individual placings

Alison Warne was third in Prelim 2
Kathryn Blowers was fifth in Prelim 2
Charlotte Moulden was fourth in Prelim 7
Julie Vastenhouht was fifth in Prelim7
Cally Ingram was sixth in Prelim 7
Julie Vastenhouht was second in Novice 24
Lorraine Holloway was fourth in Novice 24
Charlotte Moulden was fifth in Novice 24
Olivia Randell was second in Novice 27
Lorraine Holloway was third in Novice 27
Alison Green was sixth in Novice 27

Thank you to all our lovely team members who always turn up on time whatever the weather and do their best for us and to all the committee members who work very long days at these shows.

We hope to see you all at the next team dressage when we have the next date.

The results can be viewed

National and London and South East Dressage Qualifiers - Saturday 21st July

We had two Preliminary teams and one open team, one pair and an individual elementary competing at Pachesham EC on Saturday 21st July.

Chipstead Riding Club had worked incredibly hard to change all the times so that we could compete on a surface instead of the hard ground which we are very grateful for.

Sheri Johnson and Sportsfield Top Knotch were our first team members to go. Sheri very kindly stepped in at the last minute and produced a solid test gaining 64.17% coming 6th overall.

Our next team members were Sophie and Sarah Roberts and Radwan de Baugy and Ceol na Mara respectively. Sophie produced a lovely test for 66.92 and Sarah did a fantastic test earning an amazing 69.03% coming sixth overall.
Next up were Danielle Bruton riding Shere Spirit and Helen Storr with the gorgeous Celtic Moy Melody (Finn) both delivering good tests for 65.57% and 66.92%.

Then our elementary duo, Sue Brougham with Lisboy Angelina and Lorraine Holloway and Chinnor Hamlet. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in their scores after producing two very nice tests but that’s dressage!

At about 13:00 we had Julie Vastenhout and Without Bounds riding for the preliminary team and then our open team competing in the Novice, she was very consistent in both test scoring 67.88% in the first and 67.50% in the second and came second overall in the Preliminary test.

Ellen Agar and Corraniernan Frank was up next competing in their very first team competition for us and they did us proud with a score of 63.65%. Frank went beautifully but had a couple of small but expensive mistakes.

Our last three to go for the teams were Jo Marsh and Ranmer Achilles who equalled Ellen’s score 63.65%, Felicity Govas and Hafrena Sam who scored 63.07% and came fourth overall and making her debut for us Charlotte Moulden and Dinky Digby who managed a massive 70.38 and came 5th overall which meant The Prosecco team (Sophie, Sarah, Charlotte and Jo) came fourth and qualified for the London and South East Championship.

The Merlot team (Julie, Felicity, Sheri and Lorraine) came fourth in the open competition.

Last but not least was our pair with Sue and Lorraine. The two chestnuts looked amazing together but unfortunately, we didn’t win but all the scores were very close.

I would like to thank all our members who as always arrive in plenty of time, look amazing and are always cheerful. Managing our dressage teams is an absolute pleasure.
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70cm Team
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80cm Team
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Qualifier for London and South East - 16th June 2018 Bonfleur

Team members were Lorraine Holloway, Sarah Roberts, Wendy Caller, Kathryn Blowers.

We finished the first round on 12 faults, however had 2 great clear rounds in this from Lorraine and Sarah.
Wendy pulled Smash from the 2 nd round as he wasn’t quite himself, but the other 3 went on to have 2 further clear rounds from Lorraine and Sarah with an unfortunate pole taken, not helped by a gust of wind for Kathryn.

Team finished 3rd to qualify for the LSE Championships.
Horse Trials Team Revue 2018 - June 2nd at Coombelands

The Qualifiers took place as usual at Coombelands, Pulborough on June 2nd. We had an early start on a beautiful sunny day,our 80cm team was Sue Brougham and Lisboy`s Angelina, Kim Carey and Burwood Gunner and Zoe Blaauw and Harry`s Boy.They all put in good performances and the team was placed second in the Area qualifier for the Nationals with Sue being third in her arena and the team was third in the London and South East Qualifier.

We also had 2 individuals in the 90cm National Qualifier. It was great to welcome new members Laura Green with Louis Vee and Clare Cowe with Jonny Be Shaw. Clare coming all the way from Southampton! They both went very well with their lovely young horses, but unfortunately weren`t placed. They`re definitely ones for the future!

The London and South East Championships took place on October 14th at Bonfleur, Near Maidstone. We were very lucky with the weather, leaving Guildford in pouring rain, it stayed dry in Kent until we left. It was a good venue with well prepared Dressage and Showjumping arenas. The cross country was very inviting with interesting fences going uphill on the way out and downhill back.

Our qualifiying team was joined by Lucy Savage and Noilly`s Calva,Flicka, to her friends. Unfortunately Gunner decided that crosscountry was not for him on the day and Kim retired.The others had good rounds and the team was placed 9th. Sue having another super day to be placed 3rd in her arena.

After very many years I have decided to retire from my position as team manager. I hope Helen Storr has as much fun and success in the role as I`ve had.