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26 October - Area 11 Winter Team Dressage Friendly - Priory Equestrian Centre

Congratulations to the Newlands Corner Riding Club team of three who represented us at the Winter Friendly. Together, Sheri Johnson riding Sportfield Top Knotch, Georgina Howse riding Aselia, Lorraine Terry riding Memphis 66 came equal 4th on a day when our area seemed to have all their ‘big guns’ out!

Our ladies and their horses were all a real credit to the club: Sheri did a great test and scored 66.8%, George scored an amazing 76.5% and Lorraine with the lovely Elvis held it all together beautifully to score 66.3%.

Well done to everyone who has ridden for us and supported us this year and thank you all for being part of our teams. We look forward to our next outing!
Sunday 5th October - L&SE Show Jumping - Lodge Farm

In October our ‘Yews’ team (Alison Warne and Ruby, Sylvia Laney and Serena, Alison Van Wordragen and Lucky Moiyo, Helen Kendal and Tom) completed their championship tour and travelled down to Kent to ride Prelim 12.

Our riding test team also competed at the London and South East Championships and consisted of Alison Van Wordragon and Lucky Moiyo, Kate Mcdougal and Intrepid, Sylvia Laney and Serena, Nikki Cook and Flagmount Imp.

The standard was very high and some of our team members and their ponies had a very busy day, having also taken part in the showjumping championships.

The tests all went very well - Alison Warne was placed 6th in the Dressage and Nikki was 6th in the Riding Test with a fabulous score of 82%.
Sunday 5th October - L&SE Show Jumping - Lodge Farm

The London and SE Championships involved a very early start and drive down to Lodge Farm, Matfield, Kent for the SJ team.

The course was twisty and tight in a very small area and the ground was incredibly slippery. So with that in mind, Alison Warne had studded up and her and Ruby were first on for our team and had a beautiful clear round.

Nikki Cook was in next with the long striding Imp and we were hoping Nikki could steer him round the tight course. Of course she could... Clear!

Kate MacDougal was next up with Sid, we thought this course would be ideal for him and it was as he literally flew round for a clear.

Catherine Thompson was last up with Butler and what a difference in their relationship since the qualifier. Butler was so much calmer and he is a credit to Catherine's hard work. Catherine was very apprehensive about being able to control him around the small arena but there was no need to worry as she anchored him round for a very unlucky 4 faults.
So we were in a great position going into round 2 with 3 clears.

We had a two hour wait until round 2, the ground was drying out but was still slippery. The course remained the same but was taken up to 85cm.
The team went in the same order, so Alison and Ruby went in and Ruby was much stronger this time but Alison did so well to keep her in check but just sadly had the last down for 4 faults.

Nikki went again and Imp pulled another lovely clear round out of the bag.
Kate and speedy Sid had a beautiful second round and just had a very tiny rub to get an unfortunate 4 faults.
Catherine was more confident going in the second time and we wanted just the same again, which we got with another unlucky 4 faults.

With a double clear, Nikki was through to the individual jump off along with another 13 and had another super round but rubbed the first jump to have 4 faults. Well done Nikki on such a great day.

The team finished on a very respectable 8 faults which meant that we came 4th out of 14 teams which is truly brilliant.
Thank you so much to the team for all the effort and for all the volunteers who helped.

Stacks Image 6428
Nikki Cook and Imp
Stacks Image 6433
Kate MacDougall and Sid
Stacks Image 6439
Alison Warne and Ruby
Stacks Image 6446
Catherine Thompson and Butler
5-6 September - National Riding Club Championships - Lincoln Showground

So our intrepid Prelim team, Newlands Corner Yews (Alison Warne and Ruby, Helen Kendall and Tom, Alison van Wordragen and Lucky Moiyo & Sylvia Laney and), braved the long journey to the National Championships at Lincoln. And Lorraine Holloway with her horse, Chinnor Hamlet, represented the club as individuals.

As usual, the Newlands Corner camp was established on the Friday evening, not too far from where the ponies were stabled, with a great gazebo, drinks and catering centred around Lorraine’s lorry.

Lorraine was first to go on Saturday morning and it was so misty we could barely see from one side of the arena to the other! Lorraine and Hamlet did a beautiful test and were placed 10th in their arena, which was a great achievement.

Everyone else performed exceptionally well but the prelim team wasn’t placed this time.

Saturday night was spent in the gazebo swapping stories and partying in true Newlands Corner style, despite the rain drowning our carefully prepared barbecues. What an adventure!
20 July - National and London & South East Qualifiers - Bookham Riding Club Field

As usual, Newlands Corner Riding Club had a very strong presence at the qualifiers. Thanks to everyone who took part and also to their supporters - the team spirit, combined with some fine picnics, contributed to a happy day out on what was one of the hottest days of the year.

Dressage results
Our Prelim team, Newlands Corner Yews (Alison Warne riding Ruby, Helen Kendall riding Tom, Alison van Wordragen riding Lucky Moiyo and Sylvia Laney riding Serena) posted some outstanding results to win at the National Qualifier at Bookham Riding Club, on a swelteringly hot day in July, which meant they qualified for the National Championships at Lincoln.

They were also placed 3rd in the London and South East (L&SE) dressage and qualified for the finals.

In the senior Open Dressage Newlands Corner Elms (Lorraine Holloway riding Chinnor Hamlet, Stephanie Garrett riding Once In A Lifetime, Lorraine Terry riding Memphis and Sue Brougham riding Smart Fellow) were placed 6th. Lorraine Holloway won in her arena with an impressive score of 70.2% and achieved her qualification for Lincoln as an individual.

Newlands Corner Oaks (Suzie Powell-Cullingford riding Lou Lou De La Falaise,
Emily O’Dell riding Mr Flynn and Kathyrn Blowers riding Highland Dancer) were placed 6th.

Riding Test results
Alison Warne and Sylvia Laney were joined by Kathryn Blowers riding Highland Dancer and Stephanie Garrettt riding Once in a Lifetime to form the Riding Test team which was 3rd in the L&SE Qualifier and qualified for the championships.

In the Riding Test National Qualifier, Newlands Corner Beeches: Alison Warne, Kathryn Blowers and Emily O’Dell were placed 3rd ; and Newlands Corner Hazels: Sylvia Laney, Stephanie Garrett, Lorraine Holloway and Suzie Powell-Cullingford were placed 5th.

Everyone was turned out beautifully and rode really well in the scorching weather and all the teams did the club proud.
Sunday 29 June - Bookham RC Field

We had a super day at Bookham RC field with the novice SJ team for the London and SE qualifiers.

There are two rounds of 80cm and then 85cm, four in a team with best three scores to count.

Nikki Cook and Imp were first in of all 16 teams and lead by example with a perfect clear round. Next was Kate MacDougall on Sid, they had an unlucky run out and finished on 4 faults. Alison Warne and Ruby were NCRC third team members and they had an excellent clear. Catherine Thompson with the exuberant Butler had an educational round which finished on a clear. We were right up there with our 0 faults after the first round had proved very tricky when three teams were already eliminated.

So the jumps went up and the course changed... Nikki had an unlucky 4 faults when Imp misread the planks. Kate and Sid were speedy, they also had the planks down and were unlucky to have another down finishing on 8 faults. Alison and the consistent Ruby went clear again after a rather large leap over the first part if the double. Catherine and the slightly more tired Butler had an unlucky 4 faults but had learnt a lot from the first round. So the team finished on a superb 8 faults.

There was an anxious wait to confirm how many teams qualified and what the final scores were. There were 7 teams on 8 faults fighting for 5 spaces. We had to nominate one team member for us to run again in the jump off... Alison stepped up to the mark and produced a superb third clear of the day for her and we were all thrilled. After several more nail biting rounds we were delighted to have come 5th and are on our way to the championships in October!!!

Stacks Image 4303
Nikki Cook and Imp
Stacks Image 4308
Kate MacDougall and Sid
Stacks Image 4314
Alison Warne and Ruby
Stacks Image 4319
Catherine Thompson and Butler
Sunday 27 April - Elstead
We had a wet but good day at the Elstead run National SJ qualifier.

Matt Warne made a comeback and jumped Ruby in the Novice with two rounds with unlucky 4 faults in each.

The Intermediate team of Cally Ingram, Amy Temple and Serrie Hurst came third overall which was amazing but unfortunately only the first placed team qualified.

Cally did two beautiful clears. Amy had 4 faults in the first round followed by a determined clear. Serrie had an unlucky 4 faults in the first round and 4 faults in the second.

Cally got through to the jump off for an individual placing but unfortunately had 4 faults.

Thank you to all the team members who competed and all those who supported in the rain, it really did make the weather more bearable.

Stacks Image 15601
Matt Warne & Ruby (Ruby!!)
Stacks Image 15606
Cally Ingram & Woodlands Pulsingh (Otter)
Stacks Image 15612
Amy Temple & Alcatraz Again (Bert)
Stacks Image 15617
Serrie Hurst & Lorentz (Larry)
Friday 18 April, Merrist Wood

Well done to everyone who represented Newlands Corner Riding Club in the Area ‘Friendly' dressage competition on Good Friday at Merrist Wood!

We entered an impressive six teams and had some really great results with many scores in the high sixties. Everyone was a credit to the club and there was a great team spirit, as always, despite a long day and an interminable wait for the results to be posted. Thanks everyone for your patience!

Congratulations to the Newlands Corner Elms team - Steph Garrett, Serrie Hurst and Alison Warne - which came second, just three points behind the winners, Bookham.

Huge 'Well Done' to those placed in their areas: George Howse who came first, Serrie who was second, Gabbie May who was fourth, Sue Davies who was fifth and Emily O’Dell who was sixth.

Thanks everyone for joining the teams, we look forward to seeing you all again soon. Don’t forget the qualifiers coming up on 20th July for dressage, pairs dressage and riding test; and the dressage to music qualifier is on 22nd June – you should have received an email with dates.

Jenny and Caroline
Sunday 6 April - Munstead
The Combined Training classes were originally scheduled for March 1st but were postponed due to bad weather.

Unfortunately we did not have any teams this year but four intrepid riders entered as individuals, sadly Serrie Hurst had to withdraw at the last minute due to a back injury. So on a very windy, rainy day Alison Warne and Ruby turned out to do the Prelim 18/75 cm jumping Combined Training. Gemma Davies and Jenny Wren contested the Challenge 100 and new member Cally Ingram and Woodlands Pulsingh did the Challenge 90.

Alison and Ruby were first to go in their class and set the standard with a good dressage score and clear show jumping. They finished as the highest placed individual not part of a team and so have qualified for to the Championships.

Gemma and Jenny Wren were also first to go in their class, they showjumped clear and set off at a blistering pace across the country (which is Jenny Wren`s style), and set a time beaten by only one other combination which meant that they too have qualified as highest placed individual not part of a team.

Cally and Woodlands Pulsingh were last to go in their class! Unfortunately they had a pole down show jumping but flew round the cross country to just miss out on the placings at 7th. Bad luck and well done.

Serrie came to cheer on her fellow members which was fantastic and I think a true demonstration of what Newlands Corner Riding Club is all about, friendship and support and of course great rivalry on the field of play! I know it won`t be to too long before she`s back in the saddle!!

Very Well Done to Alison and Gemma and the best of luck at the Championships at Aston-le-Walls on 31st May-1st June.

Sue Davis
Sunday 23 March - Merrist Wood
It was great to see so many members - new and old - representing us at Merrist Wood on the 23rd March. They were all a credit to our club and we were proud of them all.

Special mention has to go to Georgina Howse and her horse Goodness Gracious Me who scored a fantastic 69.80% and qualified for the Festival of the Horse Championship. We are thrilled that she will be representing Newlands Corner Riding Club at the finals at Aston-Le-Walls at the end of May. Good Luck (when the time comes) George!

Congratulations also to Alison Warne and the lovely Ruby who came fifth in the qualifier and Katherine Blowers who came sixth, with her horse Urome de Joli.
Other members of the club who took part in the qualifier were Felicity Govas, Helen Kendall, Dan Shean, Holly Simper, Victoria Lowe and Cally Ingram. Well done everyone.

Our members were also very successful in the other classes throughout the day:
Amy Temple, riding First of May, won Class 1’s Intro test; Sylvia Laney, riding Serena, won Class 2’s Intro test, and on-form Nichol Dew with Hippo had a superb day with wins in both Novice tests.

Congratulations! We look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Novice Indoor Qualifier - Sands Farm - 23rd February 2014
It was an exciting trip to Sands Farm today for the Novice Indoor Qualifier with a new team member, Victoria Lowe joining us.

Victoria coped very well with an excited Charlie in the first round but unfortunately he took a dislike to the planks and was eliminated. They subsequently went round HC and got over those pesky planks!

Once Serrie Hurst had mastered the car park, and the warm up herself and her trusted steed Larry did a lovely fluent clear round.

Next up was Debs Linscott with the cheeky Connor. They did a beautiful and controlled clear round.

We didn't qualify for the Festival of the Horse but we did have a good time and it was confidence giving.

Thanks goes to all three of the team as without them we wouldn't have been able to enter.

Topscore Qualifier - Sands Farm - 16th February 2014
2014 has officially started... Alison Warne and Serrie Hurst represented us at the Topscore Qualifier at Sands Farm on 16th February.

There was great relief from us all that we had sunshine instead of the horrendous wind and rain we have had over the last few days.

Alison was up first on the very cute Ruby for the novice with jumps ranging from 60cm to the joker fence at 90cm. Alison did amazingly well conquering her nerves to do a lovely round jumping the joker clear twice.

Serrie competed in the intermediate with jumps ranging from 75cm to 1m05, on the giant Larry, sporting his new team colours bling bridle. They did a lovely round with Serrie manoeuvring Larry with great style but unfortunately they knocked the joker down.

Well done both and thanks for the supporters for coming down, the more the merrier next week too.