SSC offers toolkit and training to Bridleway volunteers

Surrey County Council is aware that with budgets being cut, keeping Bridleways and Footpaths clear and signed is an increasing challenge. Contractors still carry out the heavy duty work, but SCC is looking for more volunteers to join the existing 250 Path and Bridleway Volunteers.  

Volunteers are only expected to do the sort of light pruning and clearing that we probably all do anyway as we ride. There’s no minimum requirement; everyone just does as little or as much as they can, and any help is gratefully received.  Volunteers are issued with a free kit, including a hand saw, secateurs, High viz vest, spare bridleway and footpath signs, a foldable hammer - everything you might need to cut back overhanging growth, or brambles or hedgerow. Most important of all, once volunteers have had their training session (just a couple of hours one weekday evening) SCC will insure you for any work you do anywhere in Surrey. Volunteers also can inform the SCC team of any more major work that needs doing to keep the network clear and usable.

Training sessions are held when there are enough interested walkers and riders to make a group of around 16 people.  Simply email Steve Mitchell who gives the training, and express your interest in becoming a Volunteer. SCC issues everyone with an official card. NCRC Committee member Maggie Scott has taken the course and is happy to talk to anyone interested. Phone Maggie on 01483 562073