Team Dressage Friendly Priory 15th December

A big thank you to all our team members who competed today at Priory EC in the first of two friendly team dressage competitions.

Our two teams were Gin and Tonic and Ellen Agar and Fabulous Frank were in the Gin Team and were our first combination to compete in Preliminary 1. They produced a fantastic test to earn 69%+ and came 2nd in the team placings. Next to go were Alison Green and Ronnie for the Tonic Team, Ronnie hasn’t been back in work that long and they produced an amazing score of 72%+ and came 5th in the team placings in Preliminary 14.

Claire Lang and Ricky were our third combination and competing in the Gin Team. They were in Preliminary 14 and absolutely smashed it – 75%+ and came first in the team placings.

Then in Preliminary 1 it was Clara Wooller and Strawberry’s turn. Strawberry openly admits he prefers hunting but still delivered a fabulous score of 67%+ for Team Tonic.
The Gin team were looking good in 1st place so the pressure was on Lorraine Holloway and Chinnor Hamlet in Novice 27, it’s a good job they can cope under pressure! They produced a 70%+ test and came 2nd in the team placings to secure 1st place for the team!!

Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit were our last combination to go for the Tonic Team in Novice 27. We thought Paddy may have been be a bit nervous as he’d never been to Priory before but, instead he was a bit full of himself and a bit cheeky. Danielle managed to keep him under control for a respectable score of 65%+ and help Team Tonic into =8th place.

Thank you again to everyone involved with our teams and we hope you can do the next one on Good Friday at Merrist Wood.

Team Dressage Sands Farm 23rd November

We had a very long day running the National Novice Dressage Qualifier at Sands Farm on 27th November.

We sent two teams and one individual. All the riders and their horses produced really consistent and lovely tests as always. Aimee Stanton, Hilary Smith, Olivia Randall and Patrick Murphy were in our Prosecco team. Aimee got 69.55,% in Prelim 7 and came 4th in the class, Hilary rode in Prelim 12 but unfortunately had to retire ,Patrick rode in Novice 28 and got 65.21% and Olivia was in Novice 30 getting a score of 67.31% and placed second in this class so this meant that this team came third which was brilliant.

Helen Storr, Cally Ingram, Lorraine Holloway and Felicity Govas were in our Merlot team. Helen got 62.73% in prelim 7 and was very pleased as they haven't been out for a while. Cally rode in Prelim 12 and got 66.30%, Lorraine got 66.25% in Novice 28 and was =3rd and Felicity got 65.77% in Novice 30 and came 5th in this class.

Our individual competitor was Olivia who rode in Novice 28 as an individual and got a score of 66.25% and also came =3rd and was the highest placed competitor not in a team and so qualified for the Championships. Well done Olivia and well done to all our team members you all did a great job.

Area Quiz

We had a very successful evening at the area quiz. We had two teams and Alison Warne, Lisa Smith and Georgina Howes who were in the winning team and our other team Joanna Marsh, Zoe Blaauw and Clare Lang came third.

Well done you clever people.


Sue Brougham, Lorraine Holloway, Felicity Govas and Caroline Brougham have formed a quadrille to compete at Bury Farm in September This is a very popular competition with teams travelling from all over the country to be there A quadrille is made up four people riding dressage to music in costume to a theme Our girls chose Sleeping Beauty because it is the 60th anniversary of the club and sleeping beauty so the title of the theme was Sleeping Beauty goes to the party Only the top four teams out of the fourteen qualify for the gala evening on 9th November and I girls did it, they were brilliant with wonderful costumes.

They travelled again to Bury Farm on 9th November in horrible weather and competed again in the gala evening and were brilliant again coming fourth.

Thank you all for your hard work through out the summer and flying the flag for Newlands Corner We are all so proud.

Lincoln Championships

Congratulations to Inga Diggens and Sue Brougham who have qualified as individuals in the dressage and travelled the long journey to Lincoln to represent us.

They both did extremely well with Inga coming 3rd in the Novice and Sue coming 9th in the Medium and 3rd in the Veteran Medium.

What a great result ladies and thank you for travelling so far for us

London and South East Championship at Sands farm - 27th October 2019

We had four members qualify for the London and South East Championships at Sands Farm in 27th October. Caroline Brougham, Sue Brougham, Felicity Govas and Lorraine Holloway.

Caroline started the day exceptionally well with a fantastic score of 70% and came 2nd in the Novice. Lorraine and Felicity both did lovely tests in the Elementary with Lorraine coming 6th. Sue then competed in both the Medium and Advance Medium classes at the end of the day and produced flawless tests and won both the classes.

Well done ladies, you really are dancing divas and good luck at the quadrille final.

London and South East Championship at Snowball farm - 6th October 2019

We had very heavy rain the night before the London and South East Championship at Snowball farm on 6th October but the ground held up and the show went ahead.

We were very fortunate to have a team in every discipline and they all did brilliantly.

Our event team was Kim Carey, Ian Carey and Sue Brougham. Kim had 29 dressage, clear show jumping but unfortunately had three stops at the water which was a shame. Ian had 36.80 dressage, one down show jumping and did a fantastic round on the cross country with just one run out on the course. Our third member was Sue who had 34.8 dressage, one down show jumping and clear cross country with just a few time faults. Ian and Sue were both 10th in their arenas.

Our dressage team was next to compete and this was Ellen Agar, Aimee Stanton, Danielle Bruton and Charlotte Moulden.They all did brilliantly and rode amazing tests Aimee was 2nd in her arena, Charlotte was 3rd in hers, Ellen was 4th in hers and Danielle was 6th in hers and overall the team came 2nd. What a great result.

Our showjumping team were the last of our teams too go at the end of the day. Aimee was having a busy day and was in this team as well with Wendy Caller and Vicci Hogben. Aimee and Wendy jumped clear and Vicci had an unlucky stop in the first round but were very unlucky as the only rain we had all day fell on all three of them as they were doing their rounds but this did not dampen their spirits and went straight on into the second round where Aimee had 4 faults ,Wendy had 8 faults and Vicci also had a pole down. It was just unlucky and not our day this time.

I would like to thank all our team members for being so professional and well turned out at all times and all our helpers that come to help at these events so that our teams can compete .

Finally l would like to thank Helen our showjumping and event team manager for all the organising and work that she does behind the scenes and the support she gives on the day but couldn't be with her teams this time. This was a great way to end the summer season and look forward to seeing you at the winter qualifiers.

BRC Horse Trials National Championships Swalcliffe Park - 3-4 August 2019

How wonderful for NCRC to be represented in the 100 Seniors HT at National Championships (did anyone say it was NATIONALS) by Emma T and Zoe B, and their faithful steeds Ready Eddie Go and Harry’s Boy, (AKA Peanut). Swalcliffe Park was a fabulous setting for this long-form eventing format which kicked off in the traditional way with the early morning trot up. Sadly the memo about the prize for best turned out didn’t get through to Team Peanut, and Sheri made the running sporting her Newlands polo shirt and half a cannon ball on her head - photos to follow.

Trot up faux pas aside, the girls got into the swing of it on Friday with their dressage. A very respectable 31 for Emma and a 43 for Zoe, as Peanut was more than a bit excited by the prospect of being at NATIONALs. It was a solid start, which pleased everyone, especially team mascot Doodle who was along for the ride and soaked up the atmosphere.

All was going swimmingly until the nice lady in the next-door horse box casually mentioned there was a road and tracks elements in the XC. Causing Team Peanut to run to the secretaries to find out about this new surprise element; prior preparation prevents p**s poor performance and now armed with information, course walk plans, rumours of a steeplechase element and a long list of timings, we realised this is what Ginny Leng used to do circa 1987. We walked the XC course – big, up to height, technical, very hilly and frankly the biggest thing we’d seen in a while. Gulp. Zoe and Peanut were packed off in search of the steeplechase fences, whilst Claire accompanied bareback on Doodle (a trickle of wine may have been consumed at this point). Jo and Sheri were left on picnic security detail.

Saturday dawned clear and mercifully slightly overcast. Emma and Eddie were first out to tackle the XC, building on their strong dressage position from the previous day. Emma reported having an absolute blast over the steeplechase fences, made it through the vet inspection and flew around the XC. Bad luck as Ed put in a stop at the water (it was a scary jump in) and that put them on 20 penalties and some time faults, but importantly they finished safe and sound. It was time for Zoe and Peanut. Apologies from the support squad as only when standing in the 10 min box surrounded by the other teams did we realise how hopelessly inadequate we were with a solitary bucket and a sponge, amid the piles of wheel barrows / oxygen units / mounting blocks / vast quantities of buckets / scrapers / sponges etc. But Peanut passed the vet on first inspection and a quick mop of his brow was all he needed before heading out for the XC, and what a round they had – flying around, leaping over the fences and coming in 1 second too fast but finishing well. Love and adoration abounded.

So that took us to Sunday, the SJ element. Another trot up, this time with Jo collecting the shame for Newlands dragging an unplaited Peanut who hopped and skipped and did everything to show the vet there was nothing wrong with him. ‘Not plaited’ was the query from the judge! ‘Not quite yet’ was the reply! We dutifully went and found some plating bands and finished in time to go and cheer Emma on with a lovely clear on Ready Eddie Go. It was a testing course where a lot of riders and their horses had poles clanging everywhere, so splendid that Emma got such a super round. Zoe and Peanut were next, and despite his plaits someone only had thoughts for steeple chasing and spent his warm up demonstrating his enthusiasm for going VERY FAST at the jumps. Poor Zoe muttered something about hoping to only have four down and she trotted into the arena, but Peanut wasn’t going to let NATIONALS go by without a double clear and he sailed around the SJ not touching a pole. What a good boy.

So that was it. Emma and her team representing area 11 as a combined unit came 9th overall – what a result. Zoe and Peanut finished solidly in the middle of a very tight field of individuals in a class of over 70. We have learned a lot, laughed an awful lot, promise to be better prepared next year, and are very grateful to Newlands for getting these two clever combinations to NATIONALS. Special thanks go to the rest of the team who helped qualify at Coombelands and Helen who was the organising angel who made it all happen. Also note of amazement about Zoe, who has prepared for all of the above and competed with a broken foot which only happened 4 weeks ago! YOU GO GIRL. Whoop whoop for NCRC and let’s do it all again next year with a bigger contingent and a few more buckets!

Joanna Marsh
Dressage to Music Qualifier at Plumpton College in Lewis. - 21st July 2019

We had an early start getting ready for the show jumping show and for once, we had fabulous weather and the ground was perfect.

I had to leave there and head down to support our dancing divas competing in the Dressage to Music Qualifier at Plumpton College in Lewis.

What an afternoon! Sue and Caroline Brougham, Lorraine Holloway and Felicity Govas were competing in various classes.

Caroline and Gunner competed in the no points Novice and came third to qualify for the London and South East Championship.

Caroline and Gunner had to step in at the last minute to replace Sue Davis and Salviano as Sue had trouble with her trailer and couldn’t get there to compete in the Pairs Elementary. Caroline and Sue Brougham and Narramore Musicman managed to win and qualify for the National Championship (and the London and South East Championship) even though Caroline had never been through the routine before.

Lorraine and Chinnor Hamlet and Flick and Hafrena Sam came second in the Elementary Pairs and qualified for the London and South East Championship.

Lorraine and Flick also competed in the Elementary and came second and third respectively and qualified for the London and South East Championship.

Sue then competed in the Medium class and only went and won and qualified for the National Championship and the London and South East Championship.

Thank you all so much for representing us and doing such a fabulous job, with all this and the Quadrille, you are going to be very busy.

London and South East and National Dressage Qualifier - 6th July 2019
Pachesham Equestrian Centre

First of all, I would like to thank all our team members for being so reliable, cheerful and looking fantastic as usual.

Thank you to Helen who had to step in as manager for an hour while I wrote for a judge as I was the helper for the morning.

All our girls and boys did an amazing job with lots of rosettes to bring home, thank you Pat for picking up the remaining ones as I had to leave a little early.

Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit came 2nd in L&SE and 3rd in the National preliminary test 12.
Ellen Agar and Frank came 6th and 7th in preliminary test 14
Aimee Stanton and Hunter’s Firefly came 3rd and 2nd in preliminary test 14
Julie Vastehout and Without bounds came 6th in preliminary test 15
Charlotte Moulden and Digby came 7th in preliminary test 18
Aimee and Hunter’s Firefly came 10th in Novice test 24
Charlotte and Digby came 4th in novice test 24
Felicity Govas and Hafrena Sam came 3rd in novice test 34
Hilary Smith and Billy came 6th in novice test 34
Julie and Without Bounds came 6th in novice test 38
Inga Diggens and Camiro won novice test 38 - Qualified !!!!!!
Lorraine Holloway and Chinnor hamlet came 9th in novice test 38
Pat Murphy and Bartley Bay came 8th in elementary test 43
Lorraine and Hamlet came 4th in elementary test 43
Felicity and Sam came 9th in elementary test 43
Susie Whitehouse and Agent Orange came 4th in medium test 61
Sue Brougham and Narramore Musicman won medium test 61 and qualified!!!!!

The team results are as follows
Danielle, Ellen, Aimee and Charlotte came 5th in the London and South East qualifier and qualified!!!!!
Danielle, Ellen, Aimee and Julie came 4th in Preliminary National Qualifier

Aimee, Flick, Julie and Lorraine came 5th in the National Open Qualifier

Pinot Grigio
Charlotte, Hillary, Inga and Pat came 4th in the Open National Qualifier (it had to go to the fourth team member as we were equal 3rd)

As you can see, we had so many placings, all the results can be seen on Chipstead’s website

Thank you all so much, here’s looking forward to the next one xx

Team Friendly at Merrist Wood - Good Friday 19th April

Sophie Roberts and Katherine Blower’s Rome Du Joli were our first pair in the Team Friendly at Merrist Wood on Good Friday 19th April. They produced a really harmonious test with no mistakes and Rome looked veryrelaxed throughout. They received a score of 68%+.

Next to go were Katherine Blowers on her own Trademark. Another consistent and rhythmical test scoring a fabulous 70%+ and into 1st place with Sophie 2nd at that time. Things are going well!
Aimee Stanton on a gleaming Hunter’s Firefly went next. What can I say? They produced an active, forward and accomplished test with one small jog in the free walk to receive an amazing 71%+ score and into the lead. Can it get any better?!

Julie Vastenhout and Without Bounds came in next. Oz just got on with the job and scored the same as Aimee but with slightly higher collectives won her class with Aimee second. This is unbelievable! Charlotte Moulden and Digby were fantastic. What a little star Digby is, they produced a faultless test with a score of 70%+ and won her class. We’re on a roll!

Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit (another spotless white horse) came in and produced a mistake free test to earn nearly 67%. Helen Storr and Celtic Moy Melody (another beautifully white horse) were next and I thought they did a really nice test but didn’t get the best score which was such a shame. Emma Thompson came in next with Ready Eddie. They produced a harmonious and calm performance which gave them 68%+ score to come second. Next in the arena were Olivia Randell and Atlantic Lad (another sparkling grey). Their 68%+ score and third place were well deserved with a beautifully ridden test. Jenny Moxham and Harry Hotspot looked amazing but one expensive mistake left them on a score of 65%. Felicity Govas and Hafrena Sam were next up and produced a clean and active test to earn 65% Lorraine Holloway and Chinnor Hamlet were our last combination to go. They looked fantastic and received a score of 67%+.

What a brilliant result. We would like to thank all our members for competing for us and we really appreciate all your hard work and commitment.

Team placing:
1st place: Team Prosecco – Aimee, Danielle and Olivia
3rd place: Team Pinot Gricio – Julie, Charlotte and Felicity
=4th place: Team Merlot – Sophie, Emma and Lorraine

Individual placing:
1st place - Charlotte
1st place - Julie
2nd Place - Aimee
2nd place – Emma

National Winter Intermediate Dressage Qualifier at Sands Farm EC - 23rd March

We had a very early start to the National Winter Intermediate Dressage Qualifier at Sands Farm EC on 23rd March. Luckily it was a pleasant dry day and not too cold.

Kay Mahoney and Rohyrne started us off in Preliminary 13. She was a little tight for time in the warm up but managed a decent test and we were very pleased with Rohyrne.

Aimee Stanton and Hunters Firefly were next Aimee rode brilliantly with Calibre really listening to her to manage a 68%+ score to come an amazing 3rd.

Novice 28 was the next test and Julie Vastenhout and Without Bounds were our first pair to go. The strategy of keeping Oz out all night paid off with a good score of 67%+ to come 6th.

Next to go was Helen Storr and Celtic Moy Melody. Finn was so relaxed and obedient they produced a very fluent and confident test which was lovely to watch.

Danielle Bruton and Shere Spirit were our third combination in this class. Paddy was a super star, he had never been to Sands Farm before but went in there as if he had been there every day of his life. Helen and Danielle both came away with a decent score of 64%+

The next test was Novice 34 with Emma Wickerson and Mini Cruise, it was the first time at this level and produced a forward and smooth test. They will definitely be doing Novice again. Jenny Moxham and the gorgeous Harry Hotspot were next and it was so nice to see them out competing again and deliver an established, mistake free, and active test.
Olivia Randell and Atlantic Lad went next as an individual. They smashed it with a win and a qualification to the Championships at Bury Farm.

Elementary 42 was the final team test and Liv and Alfie went in again, this time for the team. Another good score put them into 3rd place.

Lorraine Holloway and Chinnor Hamlet were our last combination to compete in the team competition, they looked amazing and produced a consistent, confident and mistake free test.
Our teams were 6th and 10th.

The individual Medium 71 was the final test with Sue Davis and Salviano and Sue Brougham and Narramore Musicman. Sue and Savvy completed a nice test with a small blip in the middle when Savvy got a bit excited about a canter transition! Sue and William did a fantastic test and qualified for the Championships with a win.

We would like to thank all our team members for being so easy to work with. You and your horses always look so smart and well and you all just get on with it without any fuss or bother. Looking forward to the Team Friendly at Merrist Wood on Good Friday, we will be sending an email out to you shortly.


Team Friendly - 9th March 2019

We had a lovely day at Priory EC today. We had two teams of three competing in the first of two team friendly competitions.

I met Sue Bowen and her lovely horse Wiggy for the first time courtesy of Jo Marsh. Wiggly started us off with a calm and confident test. Ellen Agar and the gorgeous Frank went next and produced a lovely test but with one expensive mistake. Georgina Howse and the beautiful Goodness Gracious Me were our third partnership and produced a very nice test but again had one expensive error. Julie Vastenhout and Without Bounds was a little wild in the warm up but managed to contain himself in the arena to come up with the goods.
Patrick Murphy and Bertie were the first of our members to compete outside on a very windy day and produced a very established test.

Claire Greenwood and Thomas were our last pair to perform. Tom was such a star and just got on with the job as if he’s been doing it all his life.

The final result is that Patrick came 6th over-all, Team Prosecco missed coming 6th by one point to come 7th and Team Merlot came 8th.

I would like to thank all our wonderful members for making my job so easy.

See you at the next one